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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry



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poetry [ ]

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by [nedix ]

2008-02-12  |     | 


My heart is burned and I bare the mark
The mark of love and in an endless quest I look for Her
Born on Mars, I used to be the same as my kind
Hunter, ruthless, warrior, cold … until one day, that changed it all

All powerful and stone at heart, I thought the world is mine
With my all brothers by my side, we used to hunt and think we’ll never die
One gloomy day after such feast, when I was walking in my realm
My trusted wolf beside me, took sense of it … he sensed the “Beast”!

It was a strange creature, much smaller than me
My wolf first jumped to rend her, but strangely …
With just a sound, the creature kneeled him down in snivels
Amazed and angry and upset, I get closer and I see the perfect creature meant to be.

She was soft as a feather, she looked like a leaf, so delicate, so frail that I just believed
That one touch, not two… but one, would hurt and break and harm her
I fell in front of her and I was charmed, eyes as blue as the sky, skin white as milk
She smelled of flowers and her touch, her touch was soft as silk

She was from Venus, a distant place, that I heard and knew only from scrolls
Our elders seldom mentioned it, I thought it’s just a legend
She was speaking a strange language, all sweet, warm and full of honey
Beautiful sounds, melodious notes, she was from Venus … she was a Woman.

Bewitched by her spell I listened, she started softly with a gentle voice
To talk to me, to teach me the way the sun should be seen and a river heard
How to see the stars, how to smell a flower, how to listen to the wind
And so, she freed me of my fears, she showed me Love.

She taught me how to listen, she taught me how to feel
She showed me a way of deep and warm emotions
I had a glimpse of what she called Venusian
And strangely it felt good and I felt rich

I left her in the meadow, guarded by my wolf
Made myself way back, back into my world
Found my bothers, all stone and cold and happy
Feasting again around ignorance’s fire.

I told them about the Woman, holding nothing back
They mocked me, they said I’m soft, they said is just a legend, it just can’t be true
Thou I’ve tried and tried to tell them the new way
They laughed at me, they hurt me, they threw me in the dirt

I was no longer a cold and heartless warrior, for them I was a joke
But I was stronger, enriched by love’s power
In the world of Mars it was no place for me and then I knew
I’m bound to haunt and forever suffer.

Defeated by the ignorance of my kind, I’ve turned away and walked
Found comfort and peace and bliss in the new teachings
I smiled to the sun, I’ve listen the river and talked to the wind
I felt my heart beating and I smiled and I missed love.

I ran, I ran for my life, I ran to see my love … the Woman
I’ve reached the meadow but nothing there
In was just the mist and all I found
Was the wolf, my trusted wolf …as lonely as I was

Broken hearted I fell again, the same place she was sitting
My dreams, my hopes had all been shattered
I’ve cried and my wolf felt it, and like a brother that he was
He shared my pain and all my tears.

I was in love, so much in love and thought my life just ended
The night came and along with it old demons made their presence
I’ve begged, I’ve suffered, cried and screamed in pain
And I was punished for having feelings, for loving, for caring

Morning came and brought with it, serenity on me
The rays of sun lit up the sky with the ever perfect blue
And I remembered when me and the Woman used to be two
A tear dropped and soon I knew what am I was supposed to do

Still wounded but able to move, I stood up
I packed, I called my wolf, I set him free
I looked around as far as I could see
And I began the longest journey… of looking for her
The Woman

for Lenk

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