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The Last Visit
poetry [ ]
longer poem,nature, destruction ,fish

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [ Mazhar Butt ]

2008-06-08  |     | 

The Last Visit

(upon seeing this distressful picture !)

Can't you see in her eyes,
O men and women on the street,
the surging sadness, hopelessness and despair
you have given her?
She roamed the oceans deep
like a maid in a daffodil field;
she had a clan, a tribe, a family
but all, yes all , is now gone!
She glances at her ''benefactors''
who don't even have the scruples
to cast a look upwards
at her heavenly soul;
Yes, she's dead and no more,
you may call it extinct
she's no more the ornament of the sea,
she's no more the wealth of the oceans;
like her kinfolk she has also been the victim
of the greedy humans
who killed her great population
just to make some dough
and fill their burning tummies.
Yes, she tasted delicious
to the humans
who 'slew' them to decorate
their dinners
wasting a better half of their meat
and bones
for feeding pigs, dogs, cats and poultry;

She was never a poor man's diet
neither is any fish the glory
of a poor man except
a source of subsistence for the poor
but heartless fishermen ;
the humans killed them all,
employed all means and methods
of catching them to kill;
trawling, trolling ,gill netting ,purse seining ,
even vacuum fishing ,,,,
nothing spared to spare their lives
just to satiate the hunger
of the rich,
the lust for money from every kill!
Ah, she and her folks ---all , yes all
have gone for eternity
from our oceans
to the land of eternity!
Name it grouper, grunter, bass, cod or croaker
----fish is always fish by whatever name
you call it !
She's dead and her soul flies
over our cities
over our heads
but we are least disturbed
even to look at her,
even to say "'God Bless your Departed soul''!
People on the streets
are indifferent and unmoved
by her appearance
a fleshless shadow,
a restless flying soul
like one has in his mind
or imagination
that which you call
'deja vous''!
With no one to greet her,
no one there even bothering
to lift his eyes to see her
the tongue-less pisces
moves ahead harmlessly
without disturbing the folks below
back to her celestial abode
her eyes filled with sheer sadness
and disappointment
at the ungratefulness
of human beings
on the gourmet-fillings
she had been providing them
for centuries in the past;
what a fate!
what a misery befallen
the kingly creature of the sea!
Once so dearly loved and prized
for her tasty meat
so typical of her big-mouth,
no one seems to bother about her,
no one seems to remember her!
Nevrmind, she leaves
without anybody heeding to her warning
'O humans ! I;m leaving nevr to come back
not even in your dreams!
By 2050 you will not have my like any more
in your oceans and seas!
Keep overfishing, devouring, wasting over catch
encashing us like carefree mad men
You will soon see fish only in museums''

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