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Lost Friendship
poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [adela_vartolomei ]

2008-07-30  |     | 

It’s strange how time passes you by
And you look back on all of those you met
So many friends that marked your life
Shaped your persona with their knives
One moment they confess their love
And then another their undying hatred
You think you cared for them so much
But it’s too easy to just let them go
All the destructive thoughts vanish
And the black fog around your heart dispersed
You’re calm with a complacent smile to show
You’re peaceful and you can fall asleep
From time to time an incident remembered
Crosses your mind and stirs your tears
Why did she give you such a condescending look?
Why pretend that nothing ever happened?
And then another and another and another
She called you selfish, vain and boring
She said she’s done being your friend
You’re luckier and make friends more quickly
Life has been much gentler with you
You don’t understand the pain she’s going through
You don’t know how to cheer her up
She forgot you were never good at that
She forgot you had made plans to run away one day
She forgot you’ve done so many things
Perhaps she never knew you on the inside
Perhaps it was too boring to let the words come in
Without analyzing and turn them for the worse
You as a person never were a match for her
As a person never been much liked by her
But when it comes to friends your sins are bigger
Too proud to forgive and dying to forget

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