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poetry [ ]

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by [axel24 ]

2003-11-05  |     | 

Alone once more
Should turn the key,
Forever silent though…
Born to live and die,
God knows we do,
A whore –
I sometimes laugh and cry
Insane with being just…
A man?!
‘tis then untrue to say
I am but not
That which you sell;
O, dear! Such price we pay…
By God, I dare you fight
‘twixt whoring and delight
The dream you did betray,
But henceforth ‘tis no more –
Though for sometime a lie –
Myself a God, a whore!
Oh, dreamers never die,
Infernal dreamers sadly born,
And dream, old lads, am I –
I dare you kill the unicorn!
‘neath beauty lies indulgence,
‘neath silence everything –
Kill! Infernal dreamers!
Kill! Just kill I say!
Dreams are pretty strange
Taken for illusions –
Kill thus, for a change!
Comes the night,
Go claim a body,
Rugged bosoms!
Claim and kill,
Dear cradled sleep
The age of promise
Doth claim too…
Deem me evil may you still,
When face to face with nothingness –
Doth not take too great a skill…
I dare you breathe such trains anew;
And word me silent Veiovis,
Again meet life exposed should you!
Dash relief dare I say,
For with my leave must own I ban
Such things which bag for self-exposure;
Young though, such things traced felony,
And they were not so to me then
But paroxysm of composure,
Reflection trains t’wards tyranny!
Walks the night,
Come free my wings!
Need I not…
Forbidden springs?!
Be said life’s death! Aye, such death ‘tis
As to forgive those yet untorn.
Well, there you have it – won’t you, please,
Just suck the filthy unicorn?…
Trash t’wards ruin leads my way;
Need I rest? Aye, rest forever,
All confined to easiness,
But inclemency doth sever
Unforgiven emptiness –
Thus I chanced to find you tyros
Penetrating thoughts avowed;
Never more be heard they worry,
Had you not spoken after all,
Never more be known their story:
‘They killed us, lad, just killed us all’…
Sad, ignoble for a while,
Chained such sacriledge within,
As to have of wings a pile –
That I did, or so it seems:
Progeny to death akin…
Oh, I’m flying ‘midst your dreams,
Filthy dreamers! Smoke me in…
Tvashtri, could you silence them?
I don’t believe they’re meant to die,
No such thing, Parasurana!
Besiege their Mamallapuram,
Awaiting Ruru still be I –
Now we’re really dancing, mamma,
Katakamukha mudra I…
I, who had an earthly heart,
No more needed afterall,
I, who never lost your steps,
Ready am to join my fall,
As ‘tis my more than death,
Oh, much more than this:
‘tis my perfect everything,
And mine to be,
Aye, to be ever mine,
Mine only to divine.
Hey! D’you hear me?
Snakes don’t cry,
Never cry alone…
Alone once more
Should come forgiven
From feather shed ‘til bone…
Thus t’wards truth treads Temaukel,
Eagerness ensuing eft
Zestful Zollner-free zamarra…
Cradle corridors, Calypso!
Aither! All are apodictic,
Tages’ true Tawhiri’s through Thelxiope’s Temaukel;
Later leaves lost-loving Laka
Incidently… introwhiz;
Pulchritude proves puissant,
Once organic, over one…
Caenis crying catechu:
After all they’re apoknephiq –
Smoking mirror! What am I?
Way in deep the unbeknown,
Might have just begun to part,
Inner Priest though, venal I…
D’ye suppose ‘tis all by chance
Naked to the barren eye?
Sensual this Malakh’s heart,
Incidently happy rhythm –
They’re but mine, indecently.
Beautifully perfect skin
Crawling t’wards the inner feist –
Where did go my velamin,
Retromorphic viper-Christ?
Through the aging Alcheringa
Bleed me over innerly,
Say I, psychro-ptero-Ptah.
Yours forever, desperately…

(AXEL H. LENN - Clavicytherium - 1998)

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