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poetry [ ]

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by [axel24 ]

2003-11-10  |     | 

‘ve been had a tree so pure a dance,
Such curse in being you or me...
You simply don’t forgive sometimes.
Serenity drops, words discharge such uselessness supreme
In feelin’ souls but decadent...
Life mine – oh, merely broken page anatomy – be it daimoniac
Unliving insufficiency
I might have ended thus. Or might have been
Devouring my reality in words at last...
Been had is bein’ had the more;
Though not at all, am still to be
So drunken, yeah, to have been had,
I often sees a man in me –
Nay, logic never made it through
The way you do your future pretty dead
Yet nothing irreversible.
Say, where’s the truth in all of you?
Need you people babyin’ freely, both ends burnin’, finally
Deliver me your maker self-denied...

The day I came knew light so breathfully
Not willing to receive
That long departed nothingness.
O, light there was! Beginning? not at all.
Then darkness first Iknew –
What’s darkness, anyway?
I thought the end some knew for sleep –
Still can’t help wonder who was true...
Might be an end for what you call beginning,
Might there be light arising after dark,
Our time is somehow never right
But for the emptiness between –
Emptiness in having not known to define
The truth in all and every single one of us.

Thought it’d take forever to confront my maker.
Forever’s something we confront forever,
But never have it ‘cause we all
Forever get too tired of. Nay,
‘twas not my way to go with. Nay!
O lembal me, no fear aview!
Aye, nothin’ stands the back of you...
Share illusion soul but white –
Yeah, I’m wearin’ death, despite
The maker first to go...
Now blowin’ through me, every night,
Now in my darkness makin’ light
There’s [Alex] mine, so very mine,
And nothing irreversible.

The day I came was black in symphony,
Away from hell and back my Maraschino heart,
Night-divin’ still absidial Khepri...
As ravens in July a shell would never part,
‘ve eaten wings of mine to be
The more a bleedin’ God alive.
Here am now a dancing tree;
No one asked yet asks me: why?
Hands so full of truth might say
Fell too many times to fly...
I simply can’t forgive at times
‘ve been dead for quite a while –
How long have you been dying now?
That bad inside already?
You’ll have to let it out, somehow...
It takes a man sometimes, sometimes it takes a woman,
Never one completely /fading all aflame/
But sinners black in baccara –
Can’t blame yourself for tryin’, can you?
Breathe above, declining Ra!
Breathe my roots Harachte me!
Last of wings betrayed again
Last and lost psychostasy...

Cold these ashes Atum left,
So did the days
Alone was worth all love and hate in me.
Away dreams all,
Away self-dormant hominis nocturna,
Away the we...
What’s the secrecy above? Nay, really,
Where’s above?
Silence on off candles be –
Where did go our melody? Tell me, mama,
Where did we?
Wanna simply cry, something hurts me to my tears.
Tears of mine aren’t there, and I
I now know not why they should be,
No longer know what was behind,
No longer... Who am I?

Opened eyes still breathless me,
First January second hers no longer.
Had to talk to her that day...
Trees to cemetery asleep,
January raining deep within our burried hearts;
Cold wind then whippin’ marble,
Wondered why it’d dart that dead fauns’ garden
Dancing black.
O, rain could no more turn in bloom
Those heart-shaped avatars of lime,
Yet wed my shadows to the dead
Our hearts in white shelterin’!
Those feckless shadows haunting me
Were your pellucid solitude,
My ex post facto penalty...
And there I stood, such catacomb my body,
But livin’ dither echoin’ at times,
Relapsin’ then into the last ablution ray
With hearts all shed and columns collapsed.
Such breathin’ coma dug to disembody
Your dying words collidin’ me –
Just felt them coming, felt them wings
Above my roots; then felt a tree...

A tree unearth’d did swallow Heavens all,
And here I am digesting maker mine
Be worth all life and death in me!
This drop of blood may wash the northern eye
And ravens thus conduct the light not blind!
Away be Ptah! Thy maker now am I:
Rise Alex, rise! Forever Atum’s kind!
This drop of blood may wash the southern eye,
Thus Chnum restore to flesh this parted Ba!
Away Osiris! Maker thine am I:
Rise Alex, rise! Commands thee Amun-Ra!
One drop of blood may feed the eastern shore,
Thus wings of thine outrooted be, Khepri!
Life mine be life in everything the more:
Rise Alex, rise! I’m giving wings to thee!
One drop of blood may feed the western shore,
Thus newer step Harachte’s own now be!
Time mine be time in everything the more:
Rise Alex, rise! My secret melody!
Heart mine may burn me, burn ad aditum,
And Ka in me shall give back life to thine!
Rise Mersure! Forever Alex mine!

This bosom here will never be
Illusions on a dancing tree...
Double nothin’ for a pass’
We should have died so pure adance.
There forever, never now,
You could have been but mine, o yeah,
Looking from the other side.
There forever, never now,
Just wanna be adored a God –
Thus went our mirror to the ground.
Why go, forgiver? Hey!
Forgiver mine, come back!
Nothin’ there, now nothin’ still,
You storm in waters dead,
I wind on broken trees...
Hush desire, o hush!
Times all declined...
Hush mine for now!
Or read my skin in bitter blood your own,
Touching feelings for an hour,
An hour of immortality
Both dead would go
For restin’ sexuality.
Parts mine be yours, yours mine so finally
As nothin’ mine and nothin’ yours could be –
Could be the end that never ends...
Today, the last of our deserted days
Will truly fade away
As slowly as our interest lost in oxygen.
Sometimes I wish I could retain
The moments of the day
Before I ever came...
Our time will come, /it always does/
When stones are red with rain –
This rain forsakes your blood,
My blood is pain
Lower than the strangest day
Beyond myself would strain
With wizards all insane,
Defeated, lost, forgiven. Still supreme...
Forever one with madness –
Yeah, that’s the me they know:
A child of inner sadness.
Dost thou still dream my bluish rain?
Today, I’m gonna lose myself again,
I say...

Been had is bein’ had the more;
Though not at all, was still to be
So drunken, yeah, to have been had,
I often saw a man in me –
Nay, logic never made these words...
Serenity drops, words discharge such uselessness supreme
In feeling souls but decadent.
Life mine – thy maker made in thee – be it daimoniac
Unliving insufficiency
I thus have ended, lost me, dancing tree...

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