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poetry [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Poet Of Tragedies ]

2004-07-27  |     | 

"...and my soul from out that shadow that lies floating on the floor shall be lifted Nevermore."

on a sweet scented summer day
with the ashes falling from the sky
the ashes he once loved
for they blinded him from light

the light he feared most
for darkness gave him hope
felt secure under the ashes
but he was just like a ghost

upon the touch of velvet leaves
more than the blessings of a fairy
a ghost holding on to hope
and beauty from his hope had poured

his hope was his armour,his shield and sword
and he bled for sorrow as he cut them both
both hope and sorrow,both of them died slow
slowly anguishing his heart,slowly killing off his soul

"maybe one day i will walk
amongst the clowds and hope
that i will never ever
again will have to hope"

as his mother walked
inside the stained stone room
he thought his heart had blown
and fear he had felt soon

she had told him to kill
the thoughts and evil words
and then he will be worthy
to go and walk the world

now she said just that she found
a pen and paper there
that was lying on the table
those two were for his prayers

"and prayers now need i
write here in the dark?
can even god hear me?
this place is just too far"

and the story goes on
he hoped and hoped once more
and written down his hopes
a book of evil lore

every day he wrote
and asked for just one more
piece of paper for his prayers
his moher coultn't know

his inspiration was his hole
through wich he saw the sun
and the night as he became
more weakened,was he damned?

...when he lost his hope he felt like the sun fell into the scarlet waves,waves that once guided his sorrow into words...and for the first time in his life he began to he cried before only in dreams.

"dreadful fate i have to face
words are not enough to express
the meaning of pain saw through the light
the light i hate so much yet my eyes adore"

he supressed his words
he closed his eyes
he shut his mind
he once again had killed his soul

whilst one day he heard the raindrops pour
on his papers making noise
a rhytm dim ears loved
it awakened him once more

felt him sick no more he didn't
no more he then closed his thoughts
the sweet water in his soul
was once again allowed to flow

the music from his voice was sweet
sweet as the poems he had wrote
it took him to another world
it took him once again to hope

but soon his mother heard
her son not praying any more
but a rough,devilish noise
for her ears it was a curse

then the child had his lips sown
and his cursed fingers cut
for the mother saw his poems
where his prayers she had sought

then she smiled and loked at him
and said the devil is no more
no more will she let him be closed
in that house of bloody walls

...and then the child feared for the moment that he felt was near...he was afraid to look at the clouds,to breathe the sweet air he lusted for all those years...he feared it woultn't be as he imagined,he played outside when he was little but that all seemed so far away,he now coultn't tell if it was true or dream.

he feared it not to be a dream
he felt sorry he coultn't write it all down into words
or sing the notes the nature wrote
or cry to wash his eyes from hope

soon he stepped out that door
the door he hated and he loved
a door that stood between
his hope and pain once more

he walked and saw the azure sky
the grey clouds turned away and 'hold
the sun smiled at his happiness
the hated light our boy now loved

but no more that a moment took his grasp
on the green grass and the red flowers
for the sun had turned away
and the clouds came back and flowed

on his innocent soul they rained
on his tears that were now sand
and on the velvet petaled flower
he soon dropped from his hand

and the earth swirled around him
like in the poems once he wrote
he was sad yet still excited
for 'twas that for he faught

he laughed,he cried,he sang once more
on this great stage we call life
he was just another actor
who lost his character and role

he looked up and he felt lifted
and as a hole in his brick wall
he found his way there trough the drops
of rain his own hate had outpoured

his body fell when he was gone
as a flower fell to rain
as a wave fell into shore
and as his hope fell from his pain
as the pain fell from his ghost

...and then he fell across the morning sky becoming a bleeding cloud that still shadows the world today looking to smile at others like him and refill them with hope,his own hope,like other clouds before and again yet he hoped that never more.

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