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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ ]

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by [hananh ]

2010-05-02  |     | 

When I saw her I felt like I’m the happiest girl in this world. When she asked me what I want to do I was surprised… ”I always wanted to help others when I don’t have anything to do” I told her. She smiled and she told me: ”Be sure that we’ll help others .Do you want to help others because you want to make the world a better place or you want to impress me?”. ”I don’t want to impress you. I thought that my dream is to see you but on the way I saw so many poor children and I know that I changed my dream” I told her. She smiled and went to the window. She said ”Do you see that cloud. It’s far away from here like your dream .You want to help others but you’re little and I know that you can’t”. I was disappointed. I never thought that my idol thinks that I can’t do something to reach my goal.” I ran outside with a piece of paper and a pen. I wrote:

Dear Hannah,

Why can’t you see
That my dream
Is bigger than me?
I need to find a way
To make someday
A change in this world.
If I love my dream
You can’t do anything
About it.
I know that I hurt you
When I told you
That you’re not my dream
But to help others
It’s my deep felt wish.

After I wrote it I ran away. Hannah read it and she started to cry. She discovered that I needed to reach my goal, my dream. She tried to find me. She went to radio Disney and sang her new song:

I see your face, I look in your eyes,
What you feel is no surprise,
Everyone needs something to believe in,
Tell me your dreams, I’ll tell you mine,
In our hearts we’ll look inside,
And see all of the colours of the rainbow,
I know!
We all want to believe in love,
We all want to believe in something,
Bigger than just us,
We all want to be a part,
Of the greater picture,
That's hangin' in our hearts,
Yeah it's bigger than us!
I want to see beyond your own little world,
Grab your hands so we can twirl around the galaxy,
See the world with clarity,
We all have a long way to go,
But I know,
We’re getting closer everyday,
It fills the universe,
It lights the skies above,
It rescues our hearts with love.

After the song she said: “Cristina. I want to help you make the world a better place. When I heard it I went to her. She told me: ”Come with me to make the world a better place.” “What will we do?” I asked her. “We’ll go to Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital at Vanderbilt. We’ll also spend some time with the kids, chatting and posing for pictures.” “That’s a good idea”. ”We’ll go to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in the afternoon”. When we were with the children I told her: ”I love your new song!” ”Really? … I made it for you” she said. I was surprised and I told her: ”My dream is coming true. I can help others because of you and now you tell me that you wrote a song for me…It’s amazing. I never thought that I could spend a day with you and in that day so many wonderful things could happen. Thank you!”
She told me: ”Why are you sad?” I answered her: ”The day is over.” Hannah smiled and went again to the window and said: ”I told you that the cloud is big like your dream, like time. Your dream is not over…You can make a better world.” A tear fell on my cheek and I said: ”But I can’t do it without you.” She took the guitar and started to sing:

I'll be right here where you need me
Anytime just keep believing
And I'll be right here...
If you ever need a friend
Someone to care and understand
I'll be right here
All you have to do is call my name
No matter how close or far away
Ask me once and I'll come, I'll come running
And when I can't be with you, dream me near
Keep me in your heart and I'll appear
All you gotta do is turn around
Close your eyes, look inside
I’m right here.

That made me smile. She came near me and told me: ”You know enough to do what’s right for you. The tears you’re crying out, you’ll find how to wipe them away. You’ll be ok if you listen to your heart. You’re a little girl, but even little girls have got to dream. Take my lucky bracelet. My dad gave it to me when I had my first concert. It helped me and I know that it will help you change this world.”

When I arrived home I turned the radio on and I heard Hannah:
“My new song that I wrote last night after my new friend went home. I promised myself that I will never forget how she helped me change myself.” She sang:

It’s easy to feel like
You’re all alone
To feel like nobody knows
The great that you are
The good that’s inside you
Is trying so hard to break through
Maybe it’s your time to lift off and fly
You won’t know if you never try
I will be there with you all of the way
You’ll be fine
Don’t let anyone
Tell you that you’re not strong enough
Don’t give up
There’s nothing wrong with just being yourself
That’s more than enough
So come on and raise your voice
speak your mind and make some noise
You want to be known
You want to be heard
And know you are beautiful
You have so much to give
Some change you wanna live
So shout it out and let it show
You have a diamond inside of your heart
A light that shines bright as the stars
Don’t be afraid to be all that you are
You’ll be fine
You can’t just sit back and watch the world change
What matters is what you’ve got to say
There’s no one else who can stand in your place
So come on it’s never too late
Maybe it’s your time to lift off and fly
You won’t know if you never try
Cristina, make your dream come true.

After that I knew that I needed to make the world a better place.

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