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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry


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The life after
prose [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [isamia ]

2012-01-08  |     | 

Welcome! Here is the Eldorado! Well this was my first thought when I have landed here. However, as soon, as you are lading all the problems come rushing on you!
-“Do you need a place to say? There is no problem. You can rent... but do you have the money? “
- “Well, I was thinking to get a job, and... You know...”
- “Well, I know, but money first, and after that a place for renting!”
- “Fair enough!”
Of course, you have no idea that nothing you have done before counts! Your life starts from zero. Frankly, it does not matter that you are not young anymore; here you are like a newborn baby! In addition, here starts the odyssey! First obstacle in find a job: apply on-line! Well, as a good citizen, you do that, following all the requested steps. At the end of the day, you have 100 accounts 100 passwords and a huge headache! All the career counsellors have told you that are better to follow up with a phone call. What do you have to lose? You are doing that, and surprise they have no idea what are you talking about! After listening to your request, they finally agree to have with you an interview via Mr. Phone. First question:
- “Have you worked before in Canada?”
- “No, I just landed!”
- “ Well, you have first to work anything, and after that, you can apply to any position available; or you can change your profession by going back to school.”
Another year goes by, you have been in school, obtain another qualification; even worked for a couple of months anything and here we go again. Now your head is full of dreams, and you think, I have a new qualification and I have some experience let us play this game again! Another year, another luck at least that is what they are saying in the country from where you come. Again, hundreds of resumes, hundreds of registration forms and the result are again zero. Now, you have experience, but not in the field, you are applying for.
In your country, the normal people have a normal childhood: first school, and after school, work. Here school is optional, first work and maybe later… some school. Can you compete with somebody who is 17 years and is have already 4 years’ experience? I guess, not! So, what the hell, are you doing here? Even for the most common jobs, you have to apply on-line, and of course you are over qualified or you are not a visible minority! Hey! Frustration had hit the boiling point. “Hey! I am visible: I am white! In addition, I have no job! I have studies, but they don’t count! I have the will do to anything, but who cares? I am joke! I was thinking that I have talent, qualification, work experience, maybe that I can make a difference. Nevertheless, we are so many!”
I am sitting in the shadow of my ELDORADO. Where do I have to hide my failure? Back home, everybody is thinking that I have a super life! However, who knows that I am struggling between two worlds? I cannot go back, because I have lost my place there. I am trying to find a place here, but nobody is taking the trouble to listen to my voice. I am one of the many. My face is wearing the marks of despair, but this is not a special mark among the locals!

Now at the end I have just one piece of advice to give for the future “willies” who want a piece of Eldorado:
-“Guys, if you want to succeed you have to be prepared to be the “perfect shit” in translation the perfect fit - liar! Ladies and gentlemen, hypocrisy is the name of the game! The best person in lying is the best fit. A computer hires you! Can you bribe the criteria of selection? Sure, you can! Pay an expert and you are in, bro! The beautiful words and the theories of hiring are beating one hundred percent the real person! After 9/11 the humanity has entered in a new era: the era of “I have no time for you!”Twit me, face book me a profile, and I mms you my offer. What kind of technish is this? In my tree, we have no such advance technologies. Before, we used to listen carefully to the person in front of us! We had a heart and a soul, no all we have is: “money talks = monkey talks!” Oh! Shut up and stop complaining, we have mortgages, cars and bills to pay! The beat of the heart is not an available currency! Take your beat and go back to you tree! No time, there is no time, for losers in this world!”

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