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The She Sea Monkey
prose [ ]
a kids story

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [darkhorse ]

2012-10-16  |     | 

I bought a very nice present for my daughter. Something I had never heard of before. Sea monkeys... a type of shrimp that can survive as eggs for years and when put into salty water come to life, grow and multiply. Now, how amazing is that? I added the water to the provided plastic container, put the first pack of special powder (no clue what exactly it was) and waited 24 hours to add the eggs (the second little pack). After another two days, we were all gathering around our “sea monkey tank”, hoping we’ll soon notice some life form. How terribly exciting... Our patience was fully rewarded, when we finally saw little creatures swimming around. By little, I mean tiny, puny. Thank God for yet another intelligent present I bought for my daughter some time ago: a magnifying glass from her science set. I would sit there, staring through the kids’ toy, studying the lively monkeys. So entertaining! My husband was convinced I was losing the plot and blamed it on the antidepressants that were part of my daily diet. One morning though, I found the tank almost empty. There was only one frail monkey left. Swimming all alone... My heart broke. What happened? Why did the others die? But I didn’t give up. I continued topping the tank with water and putting food in. My lonely sea monkey grew and transformed over night into this elegant, amazing creature. With the wings of an angel and the slenderness of an ancient snake, she was gliding around the tank. How could I possibly have known it was a “she”? Well... simple. On her back she grew a “bag” in which she had eggs (or at least that is what I think, it could have been something else, but.... let’s stick with eggs). Shortly after noticing this change, another few baby sea monkeys appeared. In a matter of days, the tank was filled with beautiful, angelic sea monkeys, swimming happily around and not waiting any opportunity to flirt with each other. Of course to start with there was only one female, so all the youngsters were keen to hump her in turn. Soon other females were developed enough to get some action, but my primordial sea monkey was still top of the list in the boys’ preferences. All was well for some time. But like in ancient Rome, the orgies became more and more violent; the carnal desires overcame any sense and wisdom. My poor sea monkey! She, the one to survive and to give life to the next generation, ended up being abused and violated by her sons... two at the same time. Heavy and tired, she kept swimming around slowly, with the two young, virile males latched on to her light brown body. I am sure they loved her in their own sea monkey way, but that love ended up killing my lovely friend. Her body, twisted and ripped into two, lays on the algae filled bottom of the tank. She, who created life, found her tragic end by the wings and sexual desires of her little “angels”...

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