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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry


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Will you come tonight?
prose [ ]
Inspired by an elevator ride

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Roddickutza ]

2018-01-22  |     | 

The elevator doors open and I froze. There he was, looking untouchable in his impeccable outfit. I instantly thought about how I looked that morning and felt so hot like I was slowly melting into a puddle on the floor. A few seconds passed and I still did not move. The doors started closing but he hit the open button and asked if I am going down. The answer was definitely yes. I thanked him and stepped in. Shoulder to shoulder, just inches apart after all this time, it was unbereable. It takes 18 seconds for the elevator to go down from the 9th floor to ground floor and I was counting them like the elevator was a timed bomb. Suddenly, I hear him speak, while still facing front "- I miss you Jo..." then he turned his head and looked straight into my eyes " - Will you come tonight? " My lips slightly opened to say something, but no words came out. I had a knot in my throat from the effort of stopping the tears from falling. Luckily, I was saved by the elevator's bell, announcing its stop at the 5th floor. Christina, a good neighbor and friend, walked in. Unaware of the tension within the four elevator walls, the air was not unbreatheable for her. She said good morning to him first and he answered with a head nod. Then she turned to me and smiled. " - Morning stranger, where have you been hiding? I haven't seen you in quite some time." I tried to look calm and answered while checking what floor number we are at. " - I am sorry, it is not unpurpose. I am very busy painting. I have an art show coming up." I loved being busy and painting, because it helped me forget. We finally reached ground floor after what felt like the longest elevator ride ever. He stepped aside to let us pass. As we get out, Christina started complaining about her office job and how she envies me for being an artist. What I loved about her, was how she always smiled and was very good at the art of conversation, a skill I lacked. Stephen got to the exit door first and held it open for us. As I passed him, his perfume mixt with the strong morning air made me feel a little dissy. Noticing, Christina asked me if I was alright. "- Yes, I am fine thank you. It is probably from not getting enough sleep last night. I was up till four, painting." While speaking to her, I was looking around for Stephen, as discretely as possibly. "- Maybe it is also from inhaling all those paint vapors!" She added wanting to make a joke that I was high. I probably was, but not on paint. As I regain control of my senses, I saw him walking up the alley, already pretty far away. And it made me sad that I couldn't call his name and wave goodbye and neither could he, because for the outside world we have always been two perfect strangers. My thoughts went back to his question in the elevator, left unanswered but now engraved in my mind: " Will I go tonight? "

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