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Dan and the box
prose [ ]
about some of us

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Dark Clauds ]

2008-04-23  |     | 

Dan had a little box. To be correct I may say that there was once a box that had Dan because he was the one trapped in it only that he didn't know it...shhhhhhh

Dan thought that the box is his….and it was his entire world. Four cardboard walls, a three legged chair and a tiny bed for one were the things that he had seen ever since he was born…

There were also the whispers he heard from the walls of the rooms but then again he never paid much attention to these details since the room used to take care of all his needs..

Food, warmth, security….all the basic needs were covered. The box didn’t even had a window although it could but Dan never thought about the outside of the box and what may lie ahead…

The boy was happy in his universe with his imaginary friends, had a perfect idea about his future in the box and never seemed to be bored by the brown cardboard walls with no paintings, lifeless and sad.

Maybe he was sad but didn’t know it because he was born that way and it came natural for he just to be, without wondering why and how….

One day Dan met for the first time in his real life another human being. The being happened to just burst in through one of the walls..

He was a funny looking boy with big glasses. He came to Dan, shook his hand and started talking as if they were long time friends.

He told him about his plans of extending the box and about the calculus that made him think that through their common wall he could make a door towards The World.

-That’s ok.. now we can look for it together. .continued the boy?

- The world? But this is my world.. Why would I look for another one. I have all that I need here. Here I am loved and protected whilst I have no idea about the things that are out there…

- Like the trees? And the birds? And the sky? You have to see them. I saw once the sky through the thick brick walls of my box and couldn’t stop dreaming about it. It took me 5 years to carve a window into the wall but now I wake up every day looking at the world. One day I will be part of it…free to run and discover all its wonders….and you can join me..

Together we can carve faster and in no time we will be free.

- But I am free now. I have everything I ever wanted at close hand, why should I go out and risk getting hurt, or lost? Why if I return to find my box empty? It would kill me to loose all I have and love in this world.

- But what is it that you have? A table and a bed? Four walls with no paintings? When we can have the world…together.

- You cannot understand the love I have for my little world.

- Let me show you the sky and you will want to join me.. One look at it will make you want to run free and never look back. Let me teach you how to look at the world and love it for its unpredictability and mysteries…. There are so many things we can learn together..

- No! You cannot understand and I have to ask you to leave. You are crazy.. leave now, said Dan pushing the boy towards the hole he came in through. Leave now and never come back. You confuse and trouble me. You’ve ruined my perfect wall…and I have so many things to do. Go on with your crazy ideas and never come back. Oh my, it will take me days to fix the damages and to forget you and your crazy ideas. There is no such thing as a World and you are nothing but a figure of a nightmare. I might be sick and imagining things… soon as I will fix the hole I will go to bed early and take a few pills. Tomorrow everything will be ok…

Saying that, Dan continued to cover the hole with thick pieces of wood held together by big nails. Through the holes in between the wood he could see the puzzled face of the boy expressing a large variety of feelings he didn’t have or understand….

Soon the hole was covered and all that was left of to remind him of the strange meeting were the pieces of wood on the wall..

This is why he decided to move the position of his bed and table so that he can never again look at the broken wall.

His life went on, perfectly linear and comfortable between his now only three walls that he could look at and the move of the furniture was the only change he had ever done in his life.

He lived a very long life and died a happy man.

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