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A Strange Day
prose [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [monika_david ]

2007-04-01  |     | 

It was early in the morning, about 5,30. It seemed a normal day. Just like every day. I'm waking up, drink a cofee, get dressed, take the car and go to work. Nothing else, it's so boring but this is life.
In that morning I woke up earlier, I don't know why. I went out for no reason. Looking at the view everything looked so beautiful, so peaceful, so quiet. The sun was just about springing from behind the hill. The sky looked amezing. I felt so much warmth in my heart. I started to run. Like I was running away from my life, from my destiny.
I heard something strange. I stopped. I went down close to the river. It was nothing. Then, I saw something like a box, a green box. It looked old and dirty. I took the box and opened it. A book, a golden book was inside. I opened the book. On the first page was written only one paragraph.
" Here is your secret way to happiness"
" Go to Florence street, no 10, you'll have a big surprise" .
On the page 2 was an image with a big bouquet of tulipes.
On the page 3 was written:
" Don't ever look back when you find your happiness. Life is a way full of obstacles, difficulties and surprises. Don't ever give up to try, to fight, to love" .
It was also a kind of receipt with number 101010.
For a moment I thought that I was dreaming. Then I smiled " what a funny thing, I get to go to work" .
I went back home, I drunk my cofee, I took the car and went to the office. But I couldn't stop thinking about what had happened to me in the morning. Jane, my colleague said that I'm crazy
" You need a few days off"
When I was alone, I took the book from my bag and read every word again. I stared at that receipt. What for can be? I checked on the information if there is a Florence street. And surprise, there is a Florence street. I decided to go there
" I'll just watch from outside" .
When I was there, I couldn't help it. An imposing house, very old but so beatiful. The magnolias and the flowers were spreading a dazzling smell all around the house. I went on inside. The garden looked like a paradise. And the surprise was that was almost full with tulipes of all colours.
After a few moments a man came out from the house. He was surprised to see me there. A tall man with black hair, black eyes. He looked educated and polite.
" Can I help you? "
" You have a beautiful house and a lovely garden"
" I beg you pardon? "
Then he saw the receipt in my hand
" O... you came for the necklace, come on in "
He took the receipt from my hand and we went in a big parlour.
" I was waiting for you, here it is"
He gave me a necklace, a emeralds necklace.
" It's yours now" he said
" By the way I'm Jack Stevens"
" I'm Elene Parker"
" You drink cofee? "
We stood there talking for hours. It was just like a dream. In the evening when I came back home I found a big bouquet of tulipes with a note
" See you tomorrow"
That was the strangest day of my lifebut it brought me my happiness. Jack and I will get married. I think I loved him from the very first moment when I met his eyes.
I still have the book. O, it belonged to Mr Daniel Stevens, Jack's grandfather. The necklace belonged to his wife. He wanted to make a surprise to a stranger. He was so sure that it'll bring happiness to someone just like it brought to him and his wife.
One day Jack will do the same. Another box, hiden somewhere with a receipt inside and so on...

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