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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Seemis ]

2004-02-14  |     | 


I roar with laughter at human stupidity.

I have disputed the fine given to me by the Ploiesti police, for having put aluminum carpentry and thermoplastic windows in my apartment. Well, yesterday December 23, 2003 I received a letter from the Ministry of Administration and Home Affairs saying that they have sent my appeal to the Ploiesti Court in order to solve it. What’s the logic of such measures? The people appointed on purpose to draw me back from the creation or research act can no longer ruin my Inside Order.

In 1972 I wrote to Nicolae Ceausescu, that my Panacea is still alive, being discovered by myself in the year 1960, May 13. What reward did I get? Four years and a half in jail.

In 1980, a car driven by a guy from the secret political militia runs over my wife at full speed. The reason? They thought my wife was keeping me up, as I had been denied the right of getting a job in my own Country. It is thanks to “God’s Order and Rule” and, at the earthly level, to the alchemical product Corina.

( Because the good Lord helped me save her from death, in 1982, September 9 – my wife Corina’s date of birth – I brought to the world the thinking method Elongalogy).

Whoever wishes to draw a parallel has all the rights to do it, except the one of fulfilling their option/ credo.
Although I have a small central heating in the apartment, the apartment owners’ association, to which I do not belong, forces me to pay every month 20% of the heat and hot water supplied by Dalkia S.R.L. Ploiesti, whose service I am not using; namely to contribute money wise to the administrator’s salary, who collects the money for the services supplied by other private and/ or state-owned companies and who is guided, coordinated and controlled by the Local Administration, more exactly by the Ploiesti City Hall.

Beyond these “considerate gestures” I find myself feeling the same immense love for people.

I am talking to you about these things in the present, because I can no longer carry by myself the great joy that my fellow beings down here cause me, set on me by my fellow beings up there, who, on festive occasions, are all smiley and courteous with me. Do you know what the Prahova Prefect told me, with respect to the toilets under the niche on which all the pipes for cold and hot water and physiological waste are mounted under my apartment which is legally in my property? That it’s an accident! I wonder, doesn’t Georgica Diaconu know that an accident is not accidental? I doubt about it…

I have asked the mayor of Ploiesti city, Eng. Emil Calota, to make a small playground for children at the end of the block where I live, so as they shouldn’t intentionally play under the windows of my apartment. What has the mayor done? He has moved the litters at less than 6 meters close. to the block. Meanwhile, he has made over 30 playgrounds in Ploiesti. If I were to mention the bar for carpet beating, planted at less than 5 m. from my kitchen window, I can claim with undeniable arguments that I am the most respected artist and scientist on Earth.

I am sorry for bothering you with such an email on Christmas Eve. After the investments I have made– the installation to obtain the Corina panacea in the laboratory – otherwise I couldn’t have decreased the price per panacea dose, to the minimum, I don’t know how long we have to live, Corina and me, of our pensions of 2,615,000 lei per month, which means less than 700.000 lei per week, which is not enough even if we eat only eggs (the invoices for services only rise to about 3,000,000 lei per month).

The Spirit is the most consistent of foods.

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