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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ ]

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by [Geisha ]

2004-05-16  |     | 

What was she doing?? She was insane! No normal people would do what she was doing now! She didn't care what other people said nor what they thought! For her everything was rational even this decision that she had taken long ago but hardly today accepted to apply. Jesus!! She was standing on the top of the cabin that tourists take to see the mountains and the precipices that open underneath and between them. It would have been too...common to go on the roof of some block of flats or climb a crane; cases like those people were used to and moreover the uproar and the crowd would have spoilt the beauty of the moment. Yes, the fact was beautiful in one way or another! Though two girls were screaming in the cabin and a gentleman along with the guide were trying to get her down, she couldn't hear them...Lucky that they couldn't reach her; Devy was standing on the edge of the cabin holding on to the wire that allowed it to move across enchanting landscapes at 500 metres height.
The fresh air, the breeze that "scratched" her face and melted her body warmth into the coldness of the nature; she could feel the fear, the madness, the thoughts gliding from her inside and vanishing in the fog that covered the precipice. It was a rapture that went straight to her heart hid under the pink gown. What a silly thing and paradoxical! Objectively everything was bleak, lifeless, risky and mysterious, attractive only for those too naive to know the dangers that the cliffs hid, for some who thought life is endless and no adventure is forbidden. In her mind Devy felt like she was profaning everything around her in the pink dress. One minute later and she was standing naked in the crowd of snowflakes. Seeming like a statue of snow sparkling in the cold, she leaned over and looked down. Jumped! No hard feelings, no fear, no hope! Just the courage to do it! And she had done what love asked her too! No life with chagrin should be bore by anyone! So there were no reproofs, Devy had no guilt of taking her life...
The trip through the crust of fog, falling in the evergreen forest, feeling how the oxygen got out of her lungs replaced by a smell of solitude and natural emptiness, and then, when no thought occurred her and no feeling stroke her core as if life had gone long before she reached the ground, then the swat of a corpse hitting the earth...The trip, this trip? You can imagine it, no need to be depicted anymore!
But afterwards, after a life had gone into the darkness of the space, beyond time where no one comes back from to tell the living what to expect to, something happened!
A new plant grew on earth, in the flames of morning sun, caressed by the dew, painted in blue and baptized as "forget-me-not". It was a bud born alive in the bosom of mother nature from the love of God! In the same day when one life disappeared in despair and madness, by twilight, at the end of the sea two bodies melted in one, crying tears of happiness, had found each other after long time of mischief and missing...There was no kiss on earth like theirs, so pure, holding within it both the silence and the tumult, the black and the white, the good and the bad, the joy and the sadness, the love and the hatred! The hatred that there was no other way of expressing one's feelings, of living the love in its plenitude without the curse of the borders of...being human!
The felicity in his eyes seeing his long expected daughter given by the one he loved most, now in his hands...What a feeble being born to be loved, born from love! He was standing next to his wife's bed in that hospital watching her smile and his baby crying, living in his embrace!
The tears? Tears of happiness for though one life had gone for love, another, in a multitude of forms, had been made for it! We born in love and die for it! It's the circle of life so who can blame when one is wasted for he refused to live without something or someone? Laugh and cry, live and die, from the smile of a child to the doldrums of a grown up...It's the way of life unknown to us yet...

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