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Poezii Romnesti - Romanian Poetry


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prose [ Science-Fiction ]
The Magic of a World

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Renex ]

2004-08-17  |     | 

You sit on the bed. You keep book that you love in your hand. It’s your favorite book, that you’ve read tens and tens of times and you still like to read it once again, as you always fell something new in it, something different happening. There’s a nice music in the background, coming from your PC which is turned on, music to calm you down. You had a fight with your parents and now you regret it. You didn’t mean to tell this to them, you know well they love you so much and that you should have listened to them. But something inside you tells you that you are right. Even if they are older than you, they should have listened to you.
You had a terrible day at school, your teachers gave you marks at all subjects and you got bad marks. You couldn’t find your peace, so you missed the last class and your form master warned you for this. You feel like everything turns against you. You feel how the world is falling apart. You see yourself as the most miserable person in the world, but you don’t realize that this misery is inside each of us. You think you’re the only one suffering, though it’s a world of pain. You want to get rid of these torments, to create your own universe where everything is all right, people are good, and the Shadow from your world doesn’t exist. You close the book, and you look deeply at its cover, with big thick golden letters: Ëlendiêl.
You close the eyes. It’s dark! Quiet! Nothing! Then, you feel like floating among the clouds, and the world is far beneath you. You open the eyes and you see that what you have felt is now coming true. You are indeed in the clouds, and there’s the Earth beneath you. You are deeply touched, and your body shivers, then you feel how you begin to get down slowly. You think about the book you read, about those wonderful places described in it, about the White City, the Magic Land, and finally about the Fire Mount. You get down more and more and you can see the ground.
You see a large field where animals are rambling to and fro, the trees that share their shadow with the ground, and the latter helps them survive. You can see hills, mountains, unimaginable realms for the human eyes. You look somewhere else and you see a forest, but not a forest like those from your world. You can see trees that are moving and it seems an illusion to you. How can this be true? How could trees be alive in our world? Don’t we know our planet or even ourselves? What if we are just some pieces of this complete puzzle of the Earth? You wonder if this is a dream and you believe it is. Yet, you don’t want to wake up in it.
You came from the world where Evil still-hunts all the people’s hearts, a world in which you are not safe, as long as even your best friend might be your fiercest enemy. You are trying to build your own world, where everything is all right, where there’s no cheating, and people are honest. You wish a modest home in this world, you dream of a house, a family to love you. You don’t want to make something special. You simply wish to be happy.
Black thoughts are bothering you. You realize this must be a dream, out of which you’ll wake up sooner or later. Nothing more than a dream… But you are very fond of it. You stick in it, and you never want to wake up. But, you touch the ground and all is different. You don’t come back into your world; on the contrary you touch a new ground, which no one had ever stepped before. A positive aura surrounds this realm, and the black cloud of your world disappeared, or maybe it has never existed. You see a new world, in a different light; it’s your world, your universe, the place where you can breathe freely.

Celgora… a magic world, where even the deepest dreams can come true. A world where even the shortest man may change the destiny of the humankind. A fairy tale world in which we will all shelter sooner or later.

Translated by Ioana Bostan, August 2004

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