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Sensing authenticity…
screenplay [ ]

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by [stradymarius ]

2008-02-28  |     | 

Sensing authenticity…

She: What are you doing? Why are you sitting there and smoke tobacco?

He: It doesn’t concern you. So run off, don’t bother me – I do not have time for talking with foreign persons.

She: You are very impolite, you know! I was just passing by and saw you.

She: From that moment I knew that God is up somewhere and watches me, protects me and shows me the right way to complete my providence.

She: I’ve passed the street in a big hurry, a car was just about to jolt me down and after all these you crush my whole thoughts in thousands of questions; you surprised me with that attitude.

She: Why do you act like that?

He: I told you to leave me alone, I have a newspaper to read and don’t have time for nonsense.

She: You can’t remember me, right? Do you know who I am? Please look at me when I’m talking with you.

He: Okay! So, who are you and what do you, for God sake, want?

He: (inquiringly) You look quite familiar!

He: I know you from somewhere. Have I seen you before?

She: (disturbed) What sort of questions are these? Are you sick? Did something happen to you during this whole period?

She: You’re killing me with these stupidities! You must be …

He: (dazed) You … is that you? It can not be!

She: Yes, I’m your wife … I’m not dead, I’m …

He: … you’re dead, I know that. You were in clinical-death.

She: (angry) Are you out of your mind?

He: (wavering) I’ve watched upon you seven years and then I’ve decided that I must continue my life – the doctors said that the chances are too small for you to recover.

She: Yes, I know but here I am. It took more than fifteen years since the accident. So much time I was kept alive by the machines.

He: It can not be possible. You’re dead; the hospital employees called and said that the probability is one at a billion to recover … so they gave me the only possibility: death!!!

He: (though a little bit shy) Is it really you? I can not understand, I am amazed … I have no words to express myself, I am astonished. It is a divine gift!!!

She: Yes, I know. But the bad part is that I do not remember the period when I was in the coma, I have no memories; it is like I’ve woke up from sleep and fifteen years became equal with one night for me. I think that there is a lot to tell me.

He: Yes, indeed! Please take a sit on the bench.

She: And how’s our son, is he all right?

He: Yes, he finished his studies and now is a medical doctor.

She: Wow! How glad am I! Indeed so much time passed. And where is he?

He: Home. I saw him this morning, it was like I did not feel time passing. I tried to speak with him but it was all in vain. He did not listen to me … (laughing) he was acting like I wasn’t near him. Who knows, maybe today he doesn’t feel very well and has something more important to do.

He: So I took my morning newspaper, my pipe and the match from the table and here I am … sitting on this bench in the park, the same bench we both used to stay long time ago.

She: Indeed, so much time passed, what beautiful memories…

He: I remember the night when I met you … you were looking for someone and it happened to meet me; even though we were both looking for two different persons.

She: True, but this is fate … it can bring you in time and space you’d never thought about.

She: And now we’re sitting here in this recreational area, smelling the nature’s fragrance, feeling its fresh air and enjoying its gratitude.

He: I think that our son will be very glad to find out that you’re not dead. He’ll be amazed and will have no words to express his feelings.

She: I hardly wait to see him, to hug him and kiss his cheeks, to look at him and both of you help me to remember the lost time, the lost memories … to revive myself.

He: My darling, you’ll have all the time in the world to recover what you’ve lost.

He: Let’s go to the hospital he works in, to make him a surprise. If he didn’t notice me in the morning, I am very sure that you’ll “crush” him and he’ll remain speechless.

She: Hopefully he would remember me a little bit!

He: I’m sure he would!

She: Okay, let’s go!!!

(in the hospital)

She: Is that my son? Is him, my sweet child?

He: Yes my dear, is our son. Let’s go to surprise him!

She: (near her son) Hello my dear son!!!

She: How are you, it’s me … your mother!!! I missed you so much!

He: Hey son! She is your mother, would you be kind to respond her. I understand that you don’t remember her but she’s staying in front of you and you don’t even want to look at her.

She: What happens, why isn’t he responding, why is he so quiet?

He: I do not understand.

He: Son, wake up – we’re here! Answer us! (trying to move him) Understood?

She: (shaken) Oh my God!!!

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