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screenplay [ ]

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Clevian ]

2008-05-29  |     | 

(Middle of the sea, noon, one boat with dead engine, a man and his daughter)
Man: Dad
Daughter: Sugar

Dad: ( Inside monologue-worried) This is it, we are dead! I killed my daughter. Iím worthless. This stupid boat, stupid sea and stupid life. Why have this life, if this is the way Iím going to lose it? Whose bright idea was to go out on the sea? Sugar! She is the one responsible for this! Oh my God, Iím accusing my own daughter.. I must be losing my mind. Already ?!

Sugar: ( relaxed) Dad, Iím hungry. Iím tired of looking at the waves. Can we go home now?

Dad: ( worried) As soon as I start this engine we should be on our way to the shore.( to himself: any shore).

Sugar: ( curious) Is there a problem with the engine, Dad?

Dad: ( mild tone ) No, sweetheart. The engine is tired and needs a few moments to rest. You know, even objects have life.

Sugar: ( amazed) Really? Wow! This is way I never find my Teddy Bear; he must be hiding from me! That silly old Bear. Iíll tie him up to a chair.

Dad: ( smiling) No, Sugar. Thereís no need to do that. You talk to him and explain ,you donít enjoy this hide and seek heís playing with you, Iím sure he will understand and he will stop hiding from you.

Sugar: (confused) Dad, what is that?( pointing far)

Dad: (curious) Where darling?

Sugar: (pointing far) That thing, floating on the surface of the water. The brown thing.

Dad: (clueless) I donít know darling. Itís too far from here.(to himself: what in godís name is that thing?)

Sugar: (happy) Look Dad! Itís coming towards us!

Dad: (relaxed) Yeeeesss, I can see thatÖ(scratches his chin)
Sugar: ( joyful) Maybe itís a dolphin that we can play with.

Dad: (smiling)I sure hope itís a dolphinÖ( to himself: a brown dolphin?)

Sugar: (serious) Dad, I decided not to be friend anymore with Teddy. I remember now, he was so mean to me. You know, one time he scared Barbie so bad that she fell down from the chair. She broke her arms! Dad, she broke her arms!!! Mean Teddy, so mean !!( crying)

Dad: (holding her hands together) Well, sugar. It was an accident , Iím sure. Teddy would never do such things to your doll.

Sugar: (angry) Barbie, Dad, her name is Barbie! And she is not a doll! She is my best friend!!

Dad: (amazed) Of course dear. Barbie! Iím sure Teddy didnít mean to hurt Barbie. ( comforting smile)

Sugar: (looking down) Maybe heís just jealous on her! Maybe thatís why he did it!

Dad: (mild tone) Hon, Iím sure Teddy is not a ďBarbie killerĒ. Donít worry. It wonít happen again. Iíll talk to him over this, but of course, only if you let me to.

Sugar: No,thanks. Iíll talk with that monkey (she laughs).

Dad: Well, bears can be monkeys sometimes , why not?!( he laughs).

The boat is hit by something and Sugar falls in the water

Dad: Hon, are you ok? ( he jumps into the water, scared)

Sugar: (happy) Look Dad, itís Teddy! Teddy came to take me home.

Dad: (dumbfounded) How is that possible???? ( to himself- How did this Teddy bear get in here, in the middle of the sea? Maybe itís not hers, and itís some kidís toy, lost in a moment of anger, thrown out in the sea)

Sugar:(commanding voice) Dad, come out of the water now, Teddy will take us home.

Dad: (confused)How did you get back in the boat?

Sugar: (happy) Teddy pulled me in. He is so kind to me now. He told me he loves me and that he feels sorry for pushing Barbie off the chair.

Dad: (amazed )Really now?

Sugar: (serious)Dad, Teddy says youíre not welcomed in the boat.

Dad: (shocked) What???Why did he say that? Ask him why am I not allowed on MY boat?

Sugar: (sad face) He says youíre not worthy of me and that you didnít look after me.

Dad: (loving face)Sugar, you know I always look after you and I love you a lot.

Sugar: (still sad face ) I know Dad, but Teddy says youíre a liar and you never keep your promises.

Dad: (argue tone) But I keep my promises, I know sometimes I screw up but I keep my promises! Did you hear that Teddy, I keep my promises ( to himself-Iím talking to a teddy bearÖ.great ).

Sugar: (sad face) Dad, why donít ever call me by my name?

Dad: (confused) But I always call you by your name!! Youíre Sugar.

Sugar: (Sad)No Dad. My true name. Donít you know what my true name is ?

Dad: (more confused) Youíre name is Sugar. What do you mean by your true name?

Sugar: ( Crying upset) Dad, my name is Sarah! Sa-rah!!! SARAH! Didnít you know that?

Dad: (Confused) Darling, your name is not Sarah. Itís Sugar! Everybody calls you this way! This is your name, not Sarah!

Sugar: (loud and clear) Teddy calls me Sarah!!! So, this is my name!!! Not Sugar. I donít even like Sugar!! Sarah is my name!! Sarah!! Sarah!!! Sarah!!! Sarah!!!

Dad: (Sad and tired) Iíll come on board now, Sugar.

Sugar: ( angry ) I told you itís Sarah, not Sugar

As Dad tries to come on board, several waves wipe him away, each time heís trying.

Dad: (Scared) : Sarah!!!!!! Sarah!!! Do something!!! Give me your hand!!! Come on, give me your hand!!

The little girl stood there, without any reaction. She was petrified and emotionless.

Dad: (almost drowning) Sugar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Help!!!! Help me baby!!!! Please, Iím sorry for everything Iíve done!!! Your name is Sarah and I love you no matter what is your name!!! Please baby, save me!!! Please , save me, my love!!! Sarahhhhhhhh!!!!

Dad drowned and Sarah went back to the shore together with Teddy.

(inside a house, a woman and her daughter )
Woman: Mother
Daughter: Sugar

Mother: (happy) Hello baby!! Back so soon?

Sugar: (serious) Hello mother.

Mother: (worried) Where is Dad?

Sugar: (serious) He fell into the sea, without saying good byeÖ

Mother: (shocked) What? What do you mean he fell into the sea? Where is he? Tell me!!! Come on Sugar, tell me!! Where is Dad?

Sugar: (angry ) My name is Sarah!!!! Sarah!!! Iím not Sugar!!!

Mother: (torn-shocked) Come on honey!! Where is your father tell me!! Where is he?

Sugar: (angry) I told you !!! He fell into the sea!!!!!

Mother: (shocked): Oh my god!!! Are you telling the truth? Are you, Sugar?!! Baby, donít do this to me!! Please!! Tell me!! Where is your dad?

Sugar: (relaxed) Come on Teddy, lets eat something. Iím hungry!

Mother: (angry) You stay in here, young lady and tell me where is your father!!!

Sugar: (screaming) I told you!!!!!! He FELL INTO THE SEA!!! Now leave me alone!!!

Mother: (shocked) Oh my god!!!!! Oh my God!!! I have to call the police!!!

Sugar: (relaxed) They will never find him Ö

Mother: (shocked) Why are you saying that? Why Sugar?

Sugar: (angry, throwing Teddy at her) My name is Saraaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!

Mother: (crying) Baby, why are you doing this?

Sugar: (relaxed) But Iím not doing anything...

Mother: (crying) Come on, lets go to the police! You have to tell them what youíve just told me. Iím asking you one more time; where is your father? Please, tell me the truth. It hurts me a lot to see you this way and Iím very worried about your father.

Sugar: (crying) First, Teddy didnít let him come back into the boat and then the waves .....and then more waves kept on coming ....and then....he was gone...and then Teddy...(hiccups)....Te-ddy, Te-ddy...

Mother: (gentle) What about Teddy, dear, what did he do?

Sugar: (crying) Teddy, Teddy laughed....

Mother: (gentle) But how can he laugh, dear? He is only a toy..a toy, baby...

Sugar: (crying) No, no....Heís not just a toy...thereís something about him....heís evil mother...evil...

Mother: (gentle) Maybe you should get rid of him...if you feel this about that Sugar?

Sugar: (crying) But I many times I tried...he keeps on following me...and everytime I see him, I take him in my arms...without realizing .....and then....he changes me....I feel different...Iím so scared, mum (throws herself in the arms of the mother)

Mother: (crying) There, there, baby! Donít cry! Iím here with you...

The door opens and father enters the house

Sugar: (happy) Daddy!!!!! ( running towards him)

Mother: (happy) Baby!! Youíre back !! Oh, Iím so happy!!!

Dad: (tired-happy) Where have you been Sugar? I looked all over for you!! Thank God you got home...but where did you go ? I left you on the beach with your Teddy Bear, went to untie the boat and then, you were gone...

Mother: (amazed) Really?She said you drowned and that the Teddy Bear didnít let you in the boat...and...I donít understand a thing...

Sugar: (crying) Mum! Dad!! Look!!! Itís Teddy!!

Mother: (scared) Oh Myyyyy God!!! Honey!!! Nooooooooooooooooooooo

Sugar: (scared) Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.....

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