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Joshua Vasquez Butawan[scythe]

 Second Language Speaks Louder scythe

City of Residence: Manila
Has default language Has default language

Biography Joshua Vasquez Butawan

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Hellenic Somniferous Minstrelsy : OLE...OLE...OLE [This one is for me]
Poetry 2008-03-30 (3117 hits)

Drizzly summertime :
Poetry 2008-03-28 (2967 hits)

Hamburger : On the top is a thick bun while on the middle is a fat patty, and on the bottom is a thin loaf of burned bread.
Poetry 2008-01-01 (2670 hits)

No More Poet and Poems : The end of a bad dream
Poetry 2007-02-01 (3363 hits)

Parallelism :
Poetry 2006-12-10 (1454 hits)

Punk Rock Synopsis : In respect to the Green Day they got me!
Poetry 2006-08-01 (1656 hits)

Two Ways To Do :
Poetry 2006-07-21 (1556 hits)

Margin of Extent :
Poetry 2006-06-20 (1526 hits)

Deaf :
Poetry 2006-06-13 (1523 hits)

Factuality : In search of truth
Poetry 2006-05-16 (1363 hits)

Preserving Turf :
Poetry 2006-05-11 (1529 hits)

Angle of Spheres :
Poetry 2006-05-09 (2737 hits)

Mixed up :
Poetry 2006-04-30 (2542 hits)

Tabalab :
Poetry 2006-04-25 (1525 hits)

Geisha :
Poetry 2006-04-16 (2948 hits)

Tanned Skin :
Poetry 2006-04-12 (1485 hits)

Ne'er :
Poetry 2006-04-01 (1578 hits)

Ravine Caverns :
Poetry 2006-03-30 (2811 hits)

Silly Tavern :
Poetry 2006-03-19 (1520 hits)

Maniac from Pandemonium : Just An Epic Battle Of My Imagination
Poetry 2006-02-28 (1632 hits)

Unravel Anamnesis :
Poetry 2006-02-27 (2071 hits)

Macula Cicatrix :
Poetry 2006-02-12 (1530 hits)

System Ceased :
Poetry 2006-02-07 (2237 hits)

Rice Field :
Poetry 2006-02-01 (1877 hits)

Wrong Send :
Poetry 2006-01-28 (2244 hits)

Amnesia Effect : I pulled the oblivion
Poetry 2006-01-27 (1668 hits)

Ultra Affinity : The truth is covered with silver.
Poetry 2006-01-20 (2091 hits)

Hypocritical [false] : My instinct the one I trusted for so long is also the one who brought me to my grave
Poetry 2006-01-17 (1680 hits)

Across The Border :
Poetry 2006-01-08 (1698 hits)

Unmarked Ballad :
Poetry 2006-01-02 (2220 hits)

Meteor's Dash : Remember the day when the meteor dashed and turned this world upside down.
Poetry 2005-12-26 (1478 hits)

Without a Trace :
Poetry 2005-12-23 (2258 hits)

The Oblivion Extent Text recommended by :
Poetry 2005-12-09 (2714 hits)

Shrill Coil of Syllables :
Poetry 2005-12-08 (2283 hits)

Bow Before Her! : When she takes over..!!!
Poetry 2005-12-02 (1125 hits)

Poor Hera : Instant Declaration?
Poetry 2005-11-28 (1189 hits)

Winter Sonata (2) : When you got nothing death is the nicest thing to embrace.
Personals 2005-11-24 (1500 hits)

Tic t.0.c. In your eye clock :
Poetry 2005-11-22 (1109 hits)

The Rain Goes Wild Then Ends : The most silly thing to happen
Poetry 2005-11-15 (2269 hits)

Untitled :
Poetry 2005-11-08 (2357 hits)

Prism in the Middle :
Poetry 2005-10-30 (3457 hits)

Who's There? :
Personals 2005-10-30 (2700 hits)

Translucent Life :
Poetry 2005-10-21 (2173 hits)

Bestial Gravity :
Poetry 2005-10-12 (1788 hits)

Canvas on the Wall :
Poetry 2005-10-10 (1311 hits)

Coherent Syllogism : Endless Reasoning
Poetry 2005-10-09 (2141 hits)

Francelia Butler's "The Lucky Piece" Text recommended by : A novel about child sexual abuse
Article 2005-10-07 (6494 hits)

Fragments Inside a Circle Text recommended by :
Poetry 2005-10-07 (2414 hits)

Sequel of Fire : **Continuation**
Poetry 2005-10-02 (1950 hits)

Life and Death :
Poetry 2005-09-25 (2103 hits)

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a real poet..... thnx for appreciating it.


thnx chris


thnx for comments its much appreciated

mysterious pentecost

simply expressive

gracias to songo and marius.

thnx amigos john & marius

Thnx 4 ur comment towards my recent poem :-)


you're feedback is accepted :-)

next time maybe our nations reflection

Will remain a mark as never ending.

Septerra Core (the legacy of the creator)

Septerra Core?

alter existence (boulevard of broken dreams)

Saludos por Meastra


Towards the revealing light of the fullmoon's ray.

P.S A Piece of silent machine

this stuff......... is mine

million wondering souls

dome of a untamed interpretations


Ravine Caverns

it's nothing without the strain

backwardness, as always, never ending! everybody knows

words are never


Page: 4 : 3 : 2 : 1

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Biography Joshua Vasquez Butawan

Mi nombre es Joshua Vasquez Butawan...
Yo soy un latino asiatico
a.k.a *scythe*

I was born on July 13, 1988 in the city of Cavite.

I am a graduate of Associate Health and Science Education in [University of Perpetual Help System Dalta] and Hotel and Restaurant Management in [International School of Hotel and Restaurant Management System]

I'm Current working in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (Health Insurance Company)

* I simply love music and simply will be dead without it

* I Can't also live without my PSP, basically it's the lifeblood of my

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