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Akira Touriyama[seven]

 ************************************** seven

City of Residence: Nagoya
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Biography Akira Touriyama

tanomi mo shinai no ni asa wa yatte kuru mado o
akete chotto fukaku shinkokyuu
fukuretTSURA no kimi omoi dashite warau
KENKA shita yokujitsu wa rusuden ni shippanashi daro
waraiau KOTO nanigenai kaiwa
mainichi no kurashi no naka de dou datte ii koto
nani mo kangaezuni ukande kuru kotoba "FU" to shita
shunkan ga taisetsu datte
kimi ni "ohayou" tte itte MESSEEJI o nokoshite
boku no ichinichi hajime ni dekakenakya marude nani
mo nakatta mitai ni
denwa shite kuru kimi no koe ga suki nanda I didnt even ask for it, yet morning comes
I open my window and take a deep breath
I remember you, looking mad, and I smile
The day after we fight, you always leave your answering machine on
when we laugh, when we have senseless talks
things that are useless in everyday lifestyles,
words that come up without thought,
The moment when we realize is what's important
I say "Good morning" to you, and leave you a mesage
My day starts, I gotta go
I love hearing your voice on the phone as if nothing happened
bukiyou ni natte ita nani ga jama shite
atarimae na koto ga futoumei ni natte
boku yori mo boku no KOTO o umaku aiseru no wa
kimi shika inain datte wakatte kuyashikattan dake do
sennyuukan tte jibun ni mo aru ne douse DAME sa nante
jibaku mo sezuni
furidashi ni tatte tohou ni kurete mo hajime no ippo
sukuwarete miru I've been getting awkward. Something's in the way and I can't even see the obvious things.
I realized the only one who can love me more than me is you, and it's a bit vexing but hey, I have preconception too.
Counldn't say things like "It's probably all wrong" , and I was lost in myself.
My first step, I might be saved.
* kimi to kata o kunde kimi to te o tsunaide
koibito dattari tomodachi de itai kara
"ohayou" tte itte mata yume o misete
shizen na sono ikikata de ii kara sa * My arms around your shoulder, my hand in yours
Because I wanna be your lover, because I wanna be your friend
I tell you "good morning" and I fall into a dream again
and I'm fine with that kind of natural way-of-living.
minarete ita kimi no hen na ji mo daiji na KOTOBA
kaku to shinsen ni mieru
sunao ni narenai sunao sa nanka ja kimi ni nanni mo
mata "ohayou" tte itte mata yume o misete
kyou mo genki de sugosetara II yo ne
konna ni tanjun de atarimae na koto ga hontou wa
ichiban miushinaigachi dakara ne Your weird handwritings are still all precious words
I see it all clearly when I write it
Honesty without sincerity doesn't mean anything to you.
I tell you "good morning" again, and I fall into a dream
It'll be great if we could spend the day happily
The simple and obvious things like these are the easiest to lose track of
me o aketa mama miru yume shiranai ashita e hakobu
Merry-go-round goes

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