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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


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The Leaf
prose [ ]
I am Psychotic

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by [scythe ]

2005-09-09  |     | 

I am looking at the Oak tree, watching the allure of its tantalizing leaves; I can smell the sweet scent of the morning breeze while I was standing on the ocean’s cliff. Suddenly when I yawned a strong draught puff towards the lone Oak tree, one of its pretty leaves was blown away, I got really curious so I followed it. I flew together with the wind to chase that beautiful leaf, the leaf was carried through the crimson river, the flowing of that river reminds me of my agonies so sad that a tears flow out of my eyes.

I can see sharp big rocks on the middle of the red river that rages with the anger of its intense current. When I looked forward I noticed that the current went faster, and I discovered that the leaf is approaching towards the waterfall, I can hear the impact of water falling. The current towards the angry cataract carried the lonely leaf, I was really sad that time; I thought the leaf would not survive. A smile breaks my sadness as I witnessed that the leaf had survived the wrath of the cascade safe and sound.

The gust blew once again carrying the lucky leaf. While flying the wind gets softer and weaker, so the leaf and I descend slowly, I was inspecting the place we are going through; nothing is different aside from a solemn pond, flowers, and a huge rock. I landed on the huge rock, while the leaf is on the peaceful pond. I sat on the rock and watched the leaf, there is no wind so the leaf remains on its position, days has passed still nothing happens, I’ve waited for two consecutive days but nothing has happened. After of my long waiting I fell asleep.

I was awaken by a sudden thing, and I discovered that it was the leaf who went on my face, the wind carried it through, I feel like the leaf meant to wake me up, saying “hey wake up we still have a trip to go!” when I stood up the wind blew once again, so we were carried at a far of place, we soared and soared, we watched together the beautiful sceneries from below, those rainbow prairies and crystal clear lakes. That time the leaf and I became friends, I was really happy.

After our exultant voyage we arrived at a very wide ocean, I can see nothing but only the azure sky, as if the sky is reflecting to the ocean that makes it color blue. While we are kissing the clouds the wind suddenly disappeared, we are descending harshly towards the ocean, that time I was really scared and I thought it was the end of our life. I held the leaf in my hands making sure that we will land together. I can feel I impact of the water from my back as we landed, it really hurts so much that I lost my consciousness. I fell a deep sleep for so long. When I opened my eyes I smelled a familiar scent, I quickly looked at my hands, luckily my friend leaf is still there, I also discovered that we are laying on the shore, it is the waves who brought us there, when I looked forward I saw an Oak tree standing straightly.

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