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A bonfire for Sarbu
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by [Seemis ]

2005-10-09  |     | 

A bonfire for Sarbu

Life is not just a shackle of flaws…

Esteemed Mr. Minister Dr. Mircea Cinteza,

We submit to your Excellency’s attention the herein described current status – premeditatedly generated by ProTV – which, frankly spoken, borders on the absurd. We understand that the Ministry of Health cannot financially assist us, we understand, understand, understand… But what we really cannot understand is why, if we are not financially supported (the Romanian State has not invested a single cent in our formation and research), we are not allowed to quietly address curing people with major health problems? Oxyopathy – The Therapy System is Theorem and does not require approval from the National Medicines Agency (NMA) while the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks (SOIT) informed us that the scientific theories, respectively the discoveries, could not be homologated. We emphasize the fact that we do not commit fiscal fraud.
In essence, we request our finding to be integrated into the Romanian Sanitary System.
Kindly ask you to dispose the appropriate measures.

Yours with deepest consideration,

Gheorghe Sarbu

For the attention of Mr. Adrian Sarbu – General Manager

I imperatively ask you to demand your ProTV News team to either broadcast the tape of yours truly taken on hidden camera, in its entirety (my voice must be heard, no subtitling; I only thee my intimates), or present public apologies on the TV station for premeditated distortion of the truth.
Otherwise, I shall proceed accordingly; I am a Man of Arts with A Universal Class Opera, I am a Scientist with Theorem, author of one of the world’s greatest discoveries. Experts all over the world, not one of those who hang around our motherland’s outskirts highways, acknowledge me as a Genius. Yesterday, February 28th, 2005, I sent the quoted text below via fax to Mrs. Gabriela Popescu – ProTV News Director but, apparently, ProTV reporters find replying to me demeaning.
At this point, I remind you that The Law requires, regardless of its nature, a petition to be answered to within 30 days from receipt.

Considerately yours,

Gheorghe Sarbu
E-mail: [email protected]

“Esteemed Mrs. Gabriela Popescu,

Following yesterday’s – February 27th, 2005 19:00h – ProTV News, when I learned that I was a Quack, that I was unemployed, when the word “business” was put in my mouth, I concluded that ProTV station is empowered to decide who has the right to live from all the people with Cancer, Tuberculosis, Tumor etc.
Consequently, starting today, February 28th, 2005, Send Notes issued by the specialist physician for the cabinet Panaceul Corina will be routed to you for supervisory approval.

Yours truly,

Gheorghe Sarbu”


Why ProTV reporters are not as prompt regarding the below material, which I have been sending for some time now through [email protected] e-mail?

In order to demonstrate that my discovery, Panacea Corina Oxyopathy – The Therapy System, is a perfect achievement – website:, I call down the classic procedure: online treatment of several tumor, tuberculosis, cancer etc. patients.
Consequently, I kindly ask to initiate correlation in agreeing upon the TV show that will be hosting the live exposition of the above Theorem.
I emphasize that I discovered the panacea on May 13, 1960.
I also emphasize that healing some terminal and/or chronic diseases: uterine fibroma, prostate adenoma, kidney calculi, cancer etc. without surgery is a world premiere.
Same importance bears the fact that the method I propose and uphold with testimonial documentation does not intend to eliminate allopathic/homeopathic medicine, but to be a complement to it.

My name is Gheorghe Sarbu, I am a 64 years old scientist and I live in Romania. I have invented and developed, many years ago, a procedure for obtaining a substance that is capable to naturally cure diseases, including cancer. The finished product is called Panacea Corina and is my patent and I would gladly demonstrate to you the manner in which it cures diseases. The treatment, in general, includes a specific diet and is still a secret. You may read about it on my website (also available in English and French). Please grant this patent your consideration and I would be glad if you would contact and support me in my endeavor of being financially assisted, possible donations, in order to develop this method that cures, among other diseases, cancer, within the same timeframe and with the same dose.

Sarbu asks for Lethal Injection

Ladies and Gentlemen:

Please mediate by the Worldwide Authorities in order for me to be granted approval for the lethal injection since I can no longer endure the Isolation and Mockery which I am being sacrificed to by every Romanian Government following May 13, 1960, the date when I brought the panacea from the “Worlds of Light” into “The Incarnated World”.

I believe further explanations are necessary:
As a poet, I have my masterpiece: Aegri somnia, poem
As a writer, I have my masterpiece: Sita, short prose
As a painter, I have my masterpiece: Corina Elena, portrait – oil canvas
I am the 5th system philosopher: The Thinking Method Elongalogy
As a scientist, I have Theorem: Panacea CORINA Oxyopathy - The Therapy System
My work – Athanor – is regarded as a best-seller
I am sorry that I have to make distinctions: I believe and I will continue to believe that the results of my studies relate to the Local Welfare, relate to the National Welfare, relate to the Universal Welfare, yet I am not on the list of citizens of honor of Ploiesti town; no street bears my name; neither am I amongst the awardees in arts or science, nor have I been nominated for the Nobel Prize (although Romania has been, for 15 years, a democratic country).

Mayday Life

People are dying by the millions of cancer, other terminal and/or chronic diseases, even though the remedy exists: its name is Panacea CORINA Oxyopathy - The Therapy System. Why this status lingers on? It does because the Romanian Ministry of Health, element of Previous Governments, has not entered in the medical units practice, including that of Family Physicians, the procedure of routing incurable cases from allopathic/homeopathic medicine point of view, yet curable according to oxyopathic Theorem, to the cabinet Panaceul Corina, Ploiesti.
The scientist Sarbu cures without lancet.
The masterpiece, i.e. Theorem, does not lie.


The time has come for me to know: why have I been ostracized for more than 40 years? Why Sarbu’s cure method, poetry, philosophy, painting make just as many taboo subjects for the Romanian mass media? Why was I arrested in 1972, after writing to Ceausescu Nicolae about discovering the panacea? Why, from 1982 till 1992, was I unable to find a job anywhere in Romania? Why do they shout, for the past 2 years, under my apartment’s windows: “Die, Sarbu!”? Why can I not enter or exit my own home without being offended, humiliated, cursed in my wife’s presence, myself and especially her, when she is alone? Why is there a public latrine for pet dogs and cats under my windows such as I cannot even air my house? Why has the staircase hall way turned into dormitory for homeless dogs and cats? Why is the garbage pit less than 7m from my building’s entrance? Why is the area below my windows used as a football field? Why has the president of our owners association transferred to his own property the ground level of the staircase hall way where his offspring (7 of them) hang out with their hommies, for gipsy specific activities: dice gambling, drinking, swearing etc. as they please? Why has the City Hall placed 2 nonfunctional WC’s beneath the water pipes of my property such as I have to use an entire can of air freshener per day just to get rid of the human feces stench? Why has the 3rd precinct of Ploiesti Vest covered up, instead of putting forth to court, a file for insufficient fine on the name Florescu Adrian, who currently is, as reward, the president of owners association of bl. 181B, sc. D, str. Cosminele nr. 17, sector Vest, file that was compiled about 12 months ago? Why was I forced by court ruling to pay for heating pipes repairs conducted by the owners association without an auction, an expense bill, a fiscal receipt although I have my own boiler? Why do I have to listen to “manele” 24 hours a day, played as loud as possible? Why has the City Hall of Ploiesti, namely the office clerk Burcescu, authorized placing a carpet beater less than 5m from my kitchen’s window, by invoking a law in force prior to 1989, although is well known the fact that I fell ill with tuberculosis in order to test the panacea I discovered and there is more than 1ha of terrain free of any building. Why do the Ministry of Administration and Internal Affairs and the City Hall of Ploiesti not reply to petitions within 30 days from their receipt, as required by law? The evidence - file # 1571/2004, Ploiesti Court – is proof certifying my above assertions; I demand this situation to be solved immediately. Why title for the following areas has not been reconveyed to me, as sole rightful heir: 5ha outside Andrasesti village, Ialomita and 1000mp inside Drajna village, Prahova?
Why is my pension 2.050.000 lei per month, that is around 50 EURO?

To conclude:

Who has interest in Romania for me not to enjoy the peace and quite I need for both creation and research act?
Who in Romania is so viciously against the National Welfare?

I remain at the disposal of all those wishing to restore the truth


Here are the facts:
I have defeated inertia, that is The World should pay extreme attention to the following, unless it wants to cut the branch under its own feet:
Cuvier Theory
Malthus Theory
Sarbu Theorem
The Theories in lines # 1 & 2 can destroy The World, the Theorem in line # 3 can cure The World (I say what I say with no self-conceit at all), material in Athanor respect
From this point forward, I will quietly monitor the evolution of the ideas yours truly has dropped into the pool of knowledge

Variations on given theme

Dear Gheorghe,

The ProTV news concerning you was a total fiasco; you could see from a mile that it was a setup. I had a great time… The headline: Trade with hopes; two doctors mumbled a few words; the reporter ended hysterically: he has a web site, he’s putting up his discovery for $750 millions, nobody knows anything about the content of the panacea, he’s unemployed, bla, bla, bla…They have not spoken for a moment of Gheorghe Sarbu the scientist, they kept on beating around the bush about filming you on hidden camera in an embarrassing manner, The Quack from Ploiesti this, The Quack from Ploiesti that, even the news speaker was clearly abashed. What a hotchpotch… Yet, the entire world acknowledges you as a poet, scientist, philosopher, painter; so, if you saw yesterday’s, 27.02.2005, ProTV news don’t take it to your heart. Following this pathetic show, the Romanian finally understood why Ion Luca Caragiale chose to die in Germany.
Stand tall! The truth is on your side…


In the beginning of my studies, I wanted to have my masterpiece, especially to be recognized; to have Theorem, especially to be recognized, without being part of any coterie, clique or group and without being politically dependent.
This is déjà vu.
What should posterity learn from this? An extremely simple thing: Genius is chosen by God, officials get elected by people.

gheorghe Sarbu

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