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A new form of materialism
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Part One

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [Marinius ]

2008-05-12  |     | 

Atheists must remember that the human [mind-spirit (not soul)] is far more important then any external elements, material excesses. Human perfection is Wisdom. Wisdom represents all that is great in the human nature; wisdom is in concordance with nature. Men must acknowledge that he is not above other men and is not above nature itself. Only the one that discovers oneself can truly be human. Those that want to truly understand my thoughts, “my” because I do not proclaim to have Absolute Knowledge - none has, must forget – momentarily about their current time, epoch, material state, spiritual state – because what I speak is one of the thousand truths that are eternal in their own nature, thus they are unchangeable. The external nature is changeable, while the internal nature is eternal.
Is the path towards wisdom (knowledge/love) truly awakened by the Divine? God? Angels – spiritual guides? Gods or goddesses? Or the path is illuminated by suffering (self, other-self) and love (of another).

When I first opened my eyes the earth, the ground on which I was standing, the ocean, the air, and sky appeared to me that they were mending with the horizon into a single being of fire. Nevertheless, this was only an appearance, only a glance of the eye – only after I seen life with my mind then I saw the truth --- that the horizon is dislocated. I know that the horizon is dislocated. We are no longer one.
My age must not be accounted for as I have reached a state of being that none, which I know of or read of reached at such an age. Yes, my age is of small importance – my age proves that all of us can attain one part of the universal truth at any moment in life. One to attain such an immense truth must live as a hermit, contemplating and reading and writing his thoughts, his truth. When I have spoken the word “hermit”, many have yelled. They argued that one could achieve knowledge only by being with others. “Do you not need to know thyself and thus gain knowledge of others? Are you not human? Do you not think or sadden, anger or laugh - love? One can be forever alone and still love all beings, one can be forever alone and still know what others think and feel. I am you and you are me.”
Self-awareness leads to self-realization (knowledge) and from this to other-self-awareness leading to other-self-realization (knowledge).

Another fact for me is love. I do not know which came for me first. As I was a hermit before knowing love. However, the last changed the inner being more. My life has changed; no longer was I the previous person. I do confess that before this state of being I was as many. I was in a deep mental slumber. I do confess that I have “sinned” probably more terrible then any other. I have reached a point in which I cursed (swear) God (All, One) – even though I was a child I left my anger overcome my reason. I cursed my mother and my aunt, reasons or not it was a terrible, ignorant act. So even the most “sinner” of men can awaken!
Dreams I had from childhood, intuition and high awareness, I though these were only the imagination of a child – a not-knower. Yes, some were only the imagination of a child, some could have enlightened me. Now I love – not one- but also all, not only Romanians, but also Englishmen, French, Hungarian, Jews, Americans, Russians, Africans, Chinese. I am all of these men; I am a Christian, a Jew, a Muslim, Hindu, Buddhist, Atheist, and Gnostic. I am all because we are all born human. We are all ‘homo sapiens sapiens’ after that we create our individual essence [‘homo religious’, or not].
Eliphas Levi and many other did not understand such a fact, stating that the un-believer Is not a man, but an animal, a beast that is irrational and has no emotions. However, beasts too have emotions even though they are irrational.

Note: materialists argue that there is no immaterial substance and that spiritual philosophies are hollow. Even if we maintain such a thought we must not forget that more important is the human then analyzing of external element (subordinate)

We create outside ourselves what we create inside ourselves.

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