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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



George Mihaila[Marinius]


City of Residence: Iasi
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This is how we generally communicate : (and learn from friends and family)
Poetry 2010-01-27 (2280 hits)
Workshop Only

Convulsion :
Prose 2009-08-23 (1984 hits)

I am not I :
Personals 2009-07-14 (1196 hits)

Asylum : short
Prose 2008-11-12 (1779 hits)

Psalm : The Seal of the Wise Mute
Poetry 2008-06-09 (1537 hits)

Saints in Gehenna I : memory in forgiveness - to forgive one must forget
Poetry 2008-06-09 (1860 hits)

Mute Icons :
Poetry 2008-06-04 (1923 hits)

contemporary idols :
Poetry 2008-06-02 (3810 hits)

On a law from EU : and France
Personals 2008-05-30 (2613 hits)

Unborn : the birth of life and birth of thought
Poetry 2008-05-28 (1883 hits)

Being :
Poetry 2008-05-28 (1890 hits)

metamorphosis : for them...
Poetry 2008-05-28 (2173 hits)

Our History must be written : draga mea Romanie, dragul meu popor.
Personals 2008-05-24 (2343 hits)

Afterlife : negative hierarchy
Poetry 2008-05-21 (1871 hits)

lightless ether... : for someone close to me and my (I love with a love that cannot be expressed but only felt)
Personals 2008-05-20 (1805 hits)

All but... different garments... :
Prose 2008-05-19 (2427 hits)

On suffering... :
Personals 2008-05-17 (1451 hits)

A few words on... world history : and... romanian revolution - screenplay
Personals 2008-05-16 (1512 hits)

Possibility :
Poetry 2008-05-16 (2117 hits)

Time will come - religious view :
Poetry 2008-05-15 (1910 hits)

Aphorisms :
Personals 2008-05-15 (1866 hits)

Hollow voices speak to hollow bodies. : remember history... where are you Romania? (reveal what is hidden! those who can see)
Personals 2008-05-14 (2311 hits)

The Long Road to Wisdom :
Personals 2008-05-12 (1697 hits)

A new form of materialism : Part One
Personals 2008-05-12 (1443 hits)

Thoughts : will and wisdom
Personals 2008-05-10 (2209 hits)

Our Single Sin :
Personals 2008-05-10 (2242 hits)

Plotinus :
Personals 2008-05-08 (1026 hits)

Few words on few excerpts from the book "The Key of The Mysteries" by Eliphas Levi : and Proudhon
Personals 2008-05-07 (2241 hits)

The Absolute :
Personals 2008-05-05 (2059 hits)

Journal (I) :
Personals 2008-05-02 (2339 hits)

On prisons... : a thought out of many
Personals 2008-05-01 (1480 hits)

Political Thoughts (II) :
Personals 2008-04-28 (2041 hits)

Political thoughts :
Personals 2008-04-26 (2720 hits)

My mind weeps because your flesh desires lust :
Personals 2008-04-26 (1418 hits)

On Time :
Personals 2008-04-25 (2174 hits)

Every new idea that surrenders to my thought I shall scribe :
Personals 2008-04-25 (1435 hits)

Existence : inspired by the poem "Book of life" by Vicleanu Mihaita
Poetry 2008-04-24 (1491 hits)

Away, away... : For your Helen heart?
Personals 2008-04-24 (1476 hits)

Alchemy :
Personals 2008-04-23 (2124 hits)

Poetry :
Personals 2008-04-23 (1553 hits)

Poetry : emotion
Poetry 2008-04-22 (2015 hits)

Sketch (I) :
Personals 2008-04-21 (1849 hits)

DISLOCATED HORIZON : Chapter I: Pluto (fragments)
Prose 2008-04-16 (2642 hits)

Grotesque Beyond :
Prose 2008-04-01 (2885 hits)

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Page: 1

Art of Letters


"The Scream" by Edvard Munch

Thank you Dan

from another dimension

I will think more on this subject.






Thank you both

This poem represents...

I pray, so I turn my heart into a cross!!

Do you remember?


Who am I? I am just a body....

*half black and half white

"Parintele Cleopa: Viata in Pustie" - "Father Cleopa: Life in Wilderness"

Fiction or Truth....



masquerade between concrete


*"My timid heart shakes"*

"in the brain’s aged swamp"

"thus we Vote/ champagne & massacre"

* Willy...

Charlotte Corday

Thank you for commenting

* The poet is the healer of the spirit *

One way...

the writer

Thank you

desires overcome...

Well... concluding

until now...

Marius Surleac,

Thank you.


Dear Willy,


Romulus Campan Maramuresanu

"Imagination and spirit is just as real for me as the physical phenomena" +

And, last thing


Sorry/Somewhat funny

-Perfectly- agree with you both

Mr. John Willy Kopperud,

oh! and Surleac...

To Add:

More tomorrow

I forgot to include:


Thank you, Mike Aspros!


Thank you, for your written words.

Thank you


+Book of life, sublime

+ Thank you

I will visit you again!

It was a pleasure.

Great job!

Enjoyed it

Yes, this is writing!

Thank you

"Words stained in fire"


A storm of fire! this is art! at least I know so!

A few changes

Thank you

Thank you.

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Biography George Mihaila

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