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History of Music
poetry [ ]
Parts I - X

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
by [wipperud ]

2008-12-16  |     | 

(Nr.1) The joy of noise I began 2006-12-09

Sticks and stones
Hands and bones
What a joy
That's noise!

The vocal cords
my favorite toys
will soon uncage
my voice

(Nr.2. ) You knew how to measure
...and tighten that string


You took that string
Tied it to a screw

How wide is a note
How far does it travel
along the coasts of
the Aegean sea?

Music speaks
of beauty and destruction
as well as
fear of God and harmony

It just might be a
suitable distraction
for rulers who
excel in cruelty

(Nr.3) Farinelli



That everlasting high-pitched note
from a throat divine

Common men applaud
Masons and slaughters cry

And you may ask:
Are they ALWAYS required?

(Nr.4) The Storyteller
...woke me up


As I sat in a drunken stupor
my ear propped
against the loudspeaker
Ray Davies of The Kinks
reached out of the stereo
and grabbed that very extremity:

"Once I get started I go to town".

I forgot the fact that
I hadn't talked to anyone
since I uncorked
the brown bottle in my hand.

With my whole lonely
sentimental teenage being
I took in the following
and remembered it vividly to this day:

"And I don't want to live my life like everybody else,
And I won't say that I feel fine like everybody else,
'Cause I'm not like everybody else,
I,m not like everybody else"


The poem above has undergone two minor changes. JWK

(Nr.5)The Rite of Spring
...some hot summer day


I stayed inside the villa
where my friend lived
drinking home-made cola
sheltered from that
incredible afternoon sun
Listening to Igor

Let's go back a few weeks,
said Igor
Can you smell the fragrances
of spring?

I could

Behold, said Igor,
the Rite of Spring
on the vast Taiga
where virgins are
sacrificed for the
greater good
of a rich and
satisfying crop

Can you see it?

I could

Then listen!

I heard thunder strike
till the earth rattled
Horses and warriors
clash together
in crescendos
of bloodied
flesh against flesh
And the rain pouring down
in endless streams
washing every good
and bad deed away.

When it was over
I had to go out
and let the sun
sting my face.

(Nr.6)One Replica Captain (Beefheart)


You painted the words
uttered the pictures
in the likeness
of a trout with his hat on.

Let's wait till Venus
freezes over
Then go get some
blue eyed beans.

(Nr7)Dylan singing
...When The Ship Comes In (Haiku)


Bob in the spotlight

- Ten note harp and countless ears

One vessel abroad

Memory from 1773
Haiku - and history of music part VIII


Blessed Stockholm night
rags and riches at the inn

- Bellman strums his lute.

Son House Strummin' : History of Music Part IX
2008-11-04 | |

Still-life under
the southern sun;

Son House, Jesus,
guitar and bottle.

Picture replaced by sound,
left hand's bottleneck.

Clawhammer 'gainst the strings,
makes the glass sing.

Jesus tears off his sandals
and dances.

Good Golly Miss Molly
History Of Music Part X


Those fast tracks
always ending
in a shrill shriek,
branded upon young Lennon's soul.

Penniman, Penniman,
full grown pompadour,
outlandish gestures
and costumes -

The band of fifty-seven
like a runaway train,
featuring Casey Jones on sax.

A string of pearls,
loose women,
getting their
high-pitched praise.

Come out of the closet?
Man, in fifty-seven
not even a drawer
was at hand.

One shout, recorded live
as a clip from my inner movie:

"I'm the best-looking
man in show business!"

You dunno
how it feels...

.  |

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