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Poezii Rom�nesti - Romanian Poetry


Subcategories Poetry: Epigram :|: Haiku :|: Visual :|: Guesswork :|:

Texts: Poetry Visual

. Das Eismeer
Poetry [Visual]
Traian Rotărescu -

. whispering frost
Poems [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. Spring Wind
Poems [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. The call of the wind
Poetry [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. Autumn leaves
Poetry [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. Shortest Day
Poems [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. White Lies
Poems [Visual]
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. win-win
Poems [Visual]
Dely Cristian Marian -

. Gene(me)sis...
Poetry [Visual]
Romulus Câmpan Maramureșanu -

. spire signs
Poetry [Visual]
Dely Cristian Marian -

. Random conversation
Poetry [Visual]
Bodea Diana Mihaela -

. The shackles
Poetry [Visual]
Aurel Murariu -

. How They Call Us
Poems [Visual]
Eugene E. Narrett -

. night vision
Poetry [Visual]
Dely Cristian Marian -

. red roots
Poetry [Visual]
Dely Cristian Marian -

. Plans for the future
Poetry [Visual]
Ankh Joker -

. A midnight killing
Poems [Visual]
Diana Todea -

. study this:
Poems [Visual]
Dely Cristian Marian -

. Night falls plans
Poems [Visual]
Ankh Joker -

. Inspiritio
Poems [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. The Falling Leaf
Poetry [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. Angel Dolor
Poetry [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. Of fruitless drowsiness...
Poetry [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. invaders
Poems [Visual]
Corina Dragomir -

. The Autumn Vampire
Poems [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. Deathection
Poems [Visual]
Lestat De Llamorte -

. Fabulous roads
Poems [Visual]
Ankh Joker -

. in dependency
Poetry [Visual]
Ankh Joker -

. The veil with shattered dreams
Poetry [Visual]
Ankh Joker -

. silhouette
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. Which part of the soul
Poetry [Visual]
Mihaela Maxim -

. belief in ones self
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. Apology of a tsunami
Poems [Visual]
Corina Gina Papouis -

. Painted Nature
Poetry [Visual]
Bogdan Olteanu -

. Hombre
Poems [Visual]
Iustina Daniela Cucu -

. delilah...
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. let it be done...
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. everlasting sphere
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. under her spell.
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. belief.
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. explore and define.
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. wednesday is over.
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. train station
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. peace
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. winter love.
Poetry [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. Lens focused
Poetry [Visual]
Marius Surleac -

. sunday mornings.
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. shadows
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. misguided thoughts
Poems [Visual]
Christopher Thripp -

. Red picture
Poems [Visual]
Vicleanu Mihaita -

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Recommended Reading: Poetry Visual

. Spring Wind
Poetry [Visual] -
Cristina-Monica Moldoveanu -

. Heritage
Poetry [Visual] - Bywords Quarterly Journal
Luminita Suse -

. Oblivious Birds
Poems [Visual] -
Luminita Suse -

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.Most recent texts in workshop:

The following texts were classified unsatisfactory by an editor. All members are encouraged to submit their comments and offer creative feedback on these texts, to help these authors improve and evolve.

Poetry Sleepy, sleepy birds  - by elenadaniela
Poetry Becoming One - by Radu Ioan Tudosan
Poetry Kiss Me - by elenadaniela
Poetry The White Ship - by Lesenciuc Teodor
Poetry funny little bird - by Radu Ioan Tudosan
Poetry The arrow - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry My truth - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry We were the wind endowed - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry Playground carousell - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry Who cares? - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry The great unknown - by Valentin Iulian Andronache
Poetry Irrevocable - by Diana Man
Poetry Beyond the Clouds - by Anna-Maria Viitanen
Poetry An ordinary day - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry Not - by Oana Alina Iosif
Poetry Cages - by Christopher Seeger
Poetry Talking to myself... - by Ciprian Toader
Poetry Wild - by Alexandru Tepelea
Poetry Leaving earth - by Valentin Iulian Andronache
Poetry Loving - by Nicolae VASILE
Poetry Encaged - by Sarah Joana Clark
Poetry Repentance - by Sarah Joana Clark
Poetry Sons Of Perdition - by Sarah Joana Clark
Poetry You farewell - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry The Fall - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry Love - by Luca Filipescu
Poetry Summer, Sunday, sunny day - by Vasile Mican
Poetry The cyclic man - by Nicolae VASILE
Poetry 13 going on 30 - by nica ioana
Poetry A complicated love poem - by Florentina Anghel
Poetry An old story - by Florentina Anghel
Poetry World of shadows - by Padurariu Adrian Florin
Poetry Scorched - Eng - by Stoica Nicolae Ciprian
Poetry The blue flames of the dragon - by Septimiu Moldovan Cristian
Poetry Confused - by Mihaela Micu
Poetry Summer - by Lohmuller Beatrice
Poetry Midnight journey - by Popa Viviana
Poetry Aroma - by Sarang Hae
Poetry Triangle of life - by Carmen Codreanu
Poetry Assumption - by Nicolae Marius Buchiu
Poetry Dilemma - by GPF
Poetry Match made in seven - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry Running - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry Time and Ego - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry Questions about Life - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry Legend - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry For the sake or argument - by Bodea Diana Mihaela
Poetry Simply thoughts - by Niculae Marilena
Poetry The girl with a red sweater - by Haret Samuel
Poetry Believe - by Daniel Aurelian Rădulescu
Poetry Found life - by paul shalan
Poetry Darkness Divine - by Zavera Ioan Alexandru
Poetry It 's still summer 2 - by Anni- Lorei Mainka
Poetry It ' s still summer 1 - by Anni- Lorei Mainka
Poetry Thanks - by Iurcencu Teodora Ioana
Poetry The key - by Marin Cezar
Poetry A poem for you - by Dragomirescu Adrian
Poetry The last cup of coffee - by mia isabela deleanu
Poetry switch/off - by Ovidiu Tataru
Poetry - by Adraina Serban
Poetry Reality - by Jeflea Norma,Diana
Poetry Inspirational people - by Jeflea Norma,Diana
Poetry The Poet - by Vavila Popovici
Poetry yet nevermore - by Ender Alexandru
Poetry - by Monel Lucian
Poetry Perception - by mia isabela deleanu
Poetry Holy Trinity - by corui mihai george
Poetry Pieces of a heart - by Romila Andreea Diana
Poetry EVERY ME FROM EVERY BODY ( for tinalouise's-my god is better than your god) - by Laurentiu Ivanel
Poetry One - by Laurentiu Ivanel
Poetry Flip over - by mia isabela deleanu
Poetry Chaos - by mia isabela deleanu
Poetry Happy for your hell - by Bianca Dejanu
Poetry Lines about life - by mia isabela deleanu
Poetry New Year with Buble. - by Jeflea Norma,Diana
Poetry confectionery love - by Jeflea Norma,Diana
Poetry Mother - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry Pain - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry The Old Chinese Man - by monika prath
Poetry Despair - by Gilca Victoria
Poetry a little evil thought - by Ender Alexandru
Poetry Magic harmony - by VERBINESCU
Poetry To a friend - by Coman Cornel Alexandru
Poetry headaches of the soul - by nica ioana
Poetry Rwanda Ghost of Africa - by george popa
Poetry 10 definitions - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry If this world would fit in two big cities - by Mihaela Roxana Boboc
Poetry 21st century poem - by Ciprian Socoliuc
Poetry My Apocalypse - by Ciprian Socoliuc
Poetry Woman - by Ciprian Socoliuc
Poetry Flowers and birds - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry My Rose - by Gabriel J. Khazini
Poetry My dream - by Iustina Daniela Cucu
Poetry Midnight Question - by asdsaw
Poetry Falling - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry Master's daughter - by Harald Varga
Poetry Cry the autumn sky - by Deian Jivanelov
Poetry Existence - by Deian Jivanelov
Poetry Cycle - by Dulau Florin
Poetry Lost Heart - I Declare it Null - by Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Poetry What is the meaning of life - by Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Poetry Tragic suicide - by Berinde Ovidiu
Poetry I Baptize My Sun - by Daniel Safta
Poetry Insecure - by Deian Jivanelov
Poetry Ephemeral - by Deian Jivanelov
Poetry Touch - by Daniel Aurelian Rădulescu
Poetry Gift - by Daniel Aurelian Rădulescu
Poetry Montreal - by Daniel Aurelian Rădulescu
Poetry Din inima - by Adi
Poetry My Sweet - by slavchyk
Poetry If only - by Diana
Poetry I Miss - by elenadaniela
Poetry Sinner - by Onet Alice Emilia
Poetry Part of you - by Daniel Aurelian Rădulescu
Poetry You're Beautiful ! - by Kovacs Alexandra
Poetry Love's Labours Won - by Ioana-Raluca Raducanu
Poetry Poetic Justice or Rhetoric? - by Givemore Manyengawana
Poetry Swan cry - by nica ioana
Poetry Artist his collages - by Daniel Safta
Poetry You gush fascination - by Laurian Taler
Poetry What do you know - by Laurian Taler
Poetry Reshape - by Laurian Taler
Poetry Dairy dream - by nica ioana
Poetry Frozen Feelings - by Petrescu Catalin Andrei
Poetry No can do, miss... - by WinterSnowfall
Poetry Simple me - by Dogaru Madalina Teodora
Poetry No 30 - by paul shalan
Poetry Black Riders pt 3 - by Coman Cornel Alexandru
Poetry Forbidden Love - by Radu Campian
Poetry Black Riders - by Coman Cornel Alexandru
Poetry Futile - by Pomana Sorin
Poetry About me - by Coman Cornel Alexandru
Poetry - by smeu mihai alexandru
Poetry My life is gone - by Santorelli Iovino
Poetry NEEDING YOU - by Florentina Laic
Poetry But still... - by Phoenix
Poetry Death, part II - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry O, come my love… - by Laurentiu
Poetry untitled - by Givemore Manyengawana
Poetry Hope - by Nita Raducu
Poetry Sonnet of spring - by WinterSnowfall
Poetry Wish chapter - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry if only - by albert septimiu
Poetry Metempsychosis - by Cristina Dascalescu Dordea
Poetry Change chapter - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry Love chapter - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry WORD - by slavchyk
Poetry Two strings - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry Shiny daffodils - by Iustina Daniela Cucu
Poetry A cure for pain - by nica ioana
Poetry I did not say for long - by Elena Zerfus
Poetry Shell under nightingale’s song - by Andreea Maresi
Poetry Tell me why… - by Valentine
Poetry Nonsense - by Andreea Maresi
Poetry Always - by paul shalan
Poetry Black Rose’s feelings - by Andreea Maresi
Poetry - by Ana Hunedoara
Poetry i'm with you - by Anatolie Melnicov
Poetry Like a fire - by Grebenisan Mihai Marian
Poetry Scar tissues - by nica ioana
Poetry I need to be wild - by radulescu cristina
Poetry I shall forget you presently, my dear - by Adela Vasiloi
Poetry the raven... - by toma razvan gabriel
Poetry Breaking waves - by nica ioana
Poetry Why is that? - by ciocas alex
Poetry Lonesome - by Sârb Olimpia
Poetry Number five - by WinterSnowfall
Poetry Quiet - by Oana Alina Iosif
Poetry My reason - by Andrei Tudora
Poetry Something that hurts - by radulescu cristina
Poetry To Summarize II - by Ina Kins
Poetry we - by onfrei cristina
Poetry To Summarize - by Ina Kins
Poetry My dream - by radulescu cristina
Poetry Moments - by radulescu cristina
Poetry Sweety, lovely ping-pong - by dorin bregu
Poetry A - by Mihai Nedelcu
Poetry Eyes of Solitude - by Givemore Manyengawana
Poetry Faithful Woman - by Sârb Olimpia
Poetry Feelings - by Loredana Boboc
Poetry Song for me - by Suruniuc Ana Maria
Poetry Lostness - by Elena Zerfus
Poetry You tell me - by Oana Alina Iosif
Poetry 100.000.000 things I love and hate - by Deniz Aktaș
Poetry Lullaby - by Mărușteri Marius
Poetry is it a beautiful thing? - by radulescu cristina
Poetry you - by radulescu cristina
Poetry The echo... - by Mihai
Poetry The echo... - by Mihai
Poetry City - by slavchyk
Poetry You are in I am - by Daniela Mihalciac
Poetry Snowflake - by Cătălin
Poetry This is how we generally communicate - by George Mihaila
Poetry House of spiders - by Florentina Laic
Poetry Blooming, being, fading - by Niculae Marilena
Poetry Caution - by Cristina Toropu
Poetry Obsession - by Dr. Ram Mehta
Poetry Amy Ann - by Dr. Ram Mehta
Poetry Alchemy love gods - by Dr. Ram Mehta
Poetry A thirst for roses - by Dr. Ram Mehta


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