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John Willy Kopperud[wipperud]

 Curioser and curioser wipperud

City of Residence: Oslo
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Biography John Willy Kopperud

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Autumn Leaves : Never seem to leave
Poetry 2015-03-20 (1360 hits)

Beauty : along the way
Poetry 2014-11-23 (1530 hits)

Another : Notion
Poetry 2014-09-20 (1737 hits)

Which : Window
Poetry 2014-09-19 (1638 hits)

Peek : A Boo
Poetry 2014-07-28 (1691 hits)

Priorities : Of The Season
Poetry 2014-07-08 (2605 hits)

If There : Was No Pretense
Poetry 2014-04-20 (3187 hits)

Gepettos Legion : On The Move
Poetry 2014-03-04 (3641 hits)

An Officer's Family : Portraits
Poetry 2014-02-06 (1908 hits)

Bless : The Acoustics
Poetry 2013-12-16 (3193 hits)

Did you : zigzag
Poetry 2013-12-14 (1628 hits)

Ever : Onwards
Poetry 2013-11-24 (1674 hits)

Excerpt : fron one Midsomer Murders dialogue
Poetry 2013-10-23 (2311 hits)

Pretw├╝liglihn : As A Boy
Personals 2013-06-18 (2825 hits)

From the chronicles of : Pretw├╝liglinh, forrester of Crohda
Prose 2013-06-16 (3307 hits)

Rear Mirror : Reflection
Poetry 2013-05-26 (1724 hits)

Just a bit : out of place
Personals 2013-05-20 (1815 hits)

Dawn : In The Park
Poetry 2013-05-15 (1717 hits)

Odd Numbers : In The Milky Way
Poetry 2013-05-11 (1859 hits)

Do you still wonder : how art and love survives?
Poetry 2013-04-12 (1803 hits)

Spring will come : soon
Poetry 2013-03-23 (2202 hits)

In Perspective : On the Eighth of March
Poetry 2013-03-08 (1678 hits)

Voices : -noises
Poetry 2013-03-03 (2476 hits)

Muse : Amuse
Poetry 2013-01-25 (2632 hits)

Fond : Flashes
Poetry 2013-01-23 (2029 hits)

Evening : In Wintertime
Poetry 2012-12-20 (2625 hits)

Jerusalem Within Text recommended by : and Without my Dreams
Poetry 2012-12-09 (3829 hits)

Just : A Minute
Poetry 2012-12-01 (2181 hits)

Green : when first seen
Poetry 2012-10-27 (9807 hits)

1812 : At Long Last
Poetry 2012-06-17 (2508 hits)

This Loophole : allows
Poetry 2012-06-14 (2213 hits)

Humanity : Sporting Brains
Poetry 2012-06-10 (2323 hits)

Time has passed, : but nevertheless
Poetry 2012-06-03 (2301 hits)

Epic Summer : Lullaby
Poetry 2012-05-27 (2121 hits)

My Text recommended by : Sweet
Poetry 2012-05-23 (4807 hits)

Pious Rebel : -Aroused Evangelist?
Poetry 2012-05-13 (2244 hits)

The Fortunate Ones : Daughters And Sons
Poetry 2012-05-05 (2340 hits)

Holy : Holy
Poetry 2012-04-29 (2976 hits)

On : His Return
Poetry 2012-04-08 (2318 hits)

In awe : I did observe
Poetry 2012-04-01 (1736 hits)

With : In
Poetry 2012-01-10 (2275 hits)

Time : and Again
Poetry 2011-12-31 (2537 hits)

Observation Text recommended by : On A Wall
Poetry 2011-09-16 (4073 hits)

Crowded : by the lake
Poetry 2011-08-23 (2497 hits)

The Ivory Tower : is threatening to fall, Mr.Cameron
Poetry 2011-08-13 (2720 hits)

Paper : May Come In Handy
Poetry 2011-08-07 (2766 hits)

Massacre Text recommended by : On The Isle
Poetry 2011-07-24 (4557 hits)

Love : will tear us apart
Poetry 2011-06-10 (4503 hits)

You should wear : nothing but a smile
Poetry 2011-05-19 (2069 hits)

Report from : a parkbench
Poetry 2011-05-17 (3119 hits)

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ivory towers

ivory towers


(Nr.3) Farinelli

no timing

no timing

A white helmet and a child in the rain

Now=Just a Sec

Where are those who are mot Anymore?

To Hang by Reflection

To Hang by Reflection



You knew how to measure

fashion show

fashion show



Doctor meets pelican

humble poem of dizzydents

The joy of noise



The wind and I

Thw wind and I

From beyond

To you

The Invisible Menace

To you

The Candle

The Candle

Tigers on horses

Words wearing boots


The Candle

The Candle

Words wearing boots

summer ball

The wheels of time

In the Belly of The Beast

In the Belly of The Beast

In the Belly of The Beast


At all times unknown

Calm or passionate?

Lunchtime Duck

A dream of kings


Incontinent happening

An emotional poem



Got nothing

Life is...

Got nothing


Come All Ye Space Cadets



white nights in Bucharest



Having your cupcake and eating it too

Nicht hinauslehnen


Nicht hinauslehnen

Secularism and the French revolution

Nicht hiauslehnen

Making love with shadows

Take this apple back

Any Body

this laughing

Houses of the Holy

A short history of vodka

A short history of vodka

In the land of fairies

Kaaba (haiku)

Just Focus


Philippenes, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Panama


To my readers


To my readers

Die Flasche ist leer

The crash factor

The echo of my soul



"The crash factor"

The story of a near-sighted angel

A new order?

Cracked fish eyes


I'm moving fast


The 4 horsemen

Thank you



Page: 13 : 12 : 11 : 10 : 9 : 8 : 7 : 6 : 5 : 4 : 3 : 2 : 1

The Chimney sweeper
Poetry by William Blake

Fragment 52
Poetry by Sappho

You've got to hide your love away

Poetry by lewis carroll

Berket and the Stars
Poetry by William Carlos Williams

With God on our side
Poetry by Robert Allen Zimmerman

It seems so long ago
Poetry by Leonard Cohen

Poetry by Allen Ginsberg
Alternative version

It's all over now, baby blue
Poetry by Robert Allen Zimmerman

Biography John Willy Kopperud

First years spent in various towns surrounding the Oslo fiord. Grew up in a suburb east of the city, both near to and withdrawn from my numerous peers. Significantly radicalized at the age of fourteen. Grew disappointed with the revolution and signed up for the magical mystery autumn 69. Radicalized once more. Dropped out once more. Fairly well educated during the 80's and 90's.
Poetry? Off and on, I'd say. Besides poems I have weitten both pop lyrics (plus lyrics for contemporary music)and short stories. What moves me? Imagination I guess. Imagination should not contradict everyday life (and the other way around.)
I must hold forth that good old Willie S. has quite a point when he gives fair warning regarding "The man who hath no music in himself."
Music? I have mentioned pop lyrics - to be more precise - most of these are connected to the singer/songwriter tradition. Concrete and melodious music. I have also been active in another musical area,
in the crossroad between music and noise. This is not academic sheet-music, it's rather built on improvisation and momentary exploration. Later on the product has been technically modified. Roar Borge My accomplice in the project "Fisk p├ą Disc" available with the MP3 Album "School of fish'n'chips" through the net-distrubutor, TibProd. He has done the producing in his home studio on his own computer. The album is no. 53 in the companys catalogue and the address is :
Ten tracks on the net for you to download. Be my guests!

My wife, Kristin, is responsible for some very nice poetic lyrics. For some of that material I have written
pop/singer-songwriter music.

Married to my life companion at the age of 33.One child. We live in a suburb some six kilometers from where I grew up.
Career: No big deal. Life: Good. Hardships: Yes
Happiness: Yes.

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