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Ioana Camelia SÓrbu[Camica]

 ceea ce este frumos trebuie sa fie si real Camica

City of Residence: Oradea
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Biography Ioana Camelia SÓrbu

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Musical :
Poetry 2006-04-12 (968 hits)

Blind is written on my finger tips :
Poetry 2006-04-12 (980 hits)

Yellow Immaculate stanza :
Poetry 2005-12-06 (1061 hits)

Like that bird :
Poetry 2005-11-21 (1141 hits)

still flies Icar after the melting of the wings :
Poetry 2005-10-01 (1288 hits)

Throb of me mixed with life :
Poetry 2005-10-01 (1012 hits)

For purifying :
Poetry 2005-09-05 (2258 hits)

When sometimes is forever :
Poetry 2005-09-05 (1036 hits)

The smell sensation of love. Definition :
Poetry 2005-09-05 (1204 hits)

No water :
Poetry 2005-09-05 (1605 hits)

Asphalt leveling on streets :
Poetry 2005-09-05 (1448 hits)

At angels` home :
Prose 2005-05-04 (1750 hits)

Selfish atoms` crisis :
Poetry 2005-04-12 (1102 hits)

I warn you :
Poetry 2005-04-12 (999 hits)

Anxiety attack (1) :
Poetry 2004-11-27 (1292 hits)

No vodka :
Poetry 2004-11-24 (1308 hits)

The magic little chip : only the soul of a child can be injured the worst
Poetry 2004-11-05 (3166 hits)

About Medusa`s son, Pegasus :
Poetry 2004-11-04 (2734 hits)

In a hospital room :
Poetry 2004-11-03 (1057 hits)

The Romanian Woman :
Poetry 2004-11-03 (3080 hits)

A moment far too short :
Poetry 2004-11-03 (1038 hits)

Breakfast at Tiffany`s :
Poetry 2004-08-18 (2887 hits)

When you look into my eyes (II) :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (1545 hits)

When you don`t look into my eyes :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (1229 hits)

When you look into my eyes :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (1556 hits)

In mission of recognition :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (2366 hits)

What your memory means :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (1156 hits)

To call with my longing :
Poetry 2004-07-30 (1007 hits)

Roar of lion imprisoned between iron bars :
Poetry 2004-07-25 (1940 hits)

So many times as once upon a time :
Poetry 2004-07-22 (1220 hits)

Bargain with God :
Poetry 2004-05-25 (1274 hits)

The burial of the golden threaded questions :
Prose 2004-05-06 (1672 hits)

The indefinite pronouns on the phone :
Poetry 2004-01-23 (8222 hits)

Envious on shivers of emptiness : Elegy
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1124 hits)

When time was sleeping Text recommended by :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1195 hits)

Equation in TWO :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1219 hits)

The balance of sensations : for the right to an angel
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1162 hits)

On the altar of the questions towards you :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1352 hits)

Today, for the last time :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1118 hits)

The Radioactivity`s love in coffee :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1297 hits)

The brackets` muscles :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1247 hits)

Legend spun in insomnia :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1221 hits)

Pandora`s box between four walls :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1208 hits)

Dictionary for my hieroglyphs :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1224 hits)

Happiness, The daughter of silence :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (1117 hits)

The legend of the werewolf who learnt Braille : legend spun in Braille
Poetry 2004-01-19 (1330 hits)

Out of the madhouse! : Autobiography
Poetry 2004-01-19 (1089 hits)

The ideal of a schizophrenic : the deer and the phoenix
Poetry 2003-11-26 (1264 hits)

Fear, parallel sound in the sunset :
Poetry 2004-01-21 (2304 hits)

Promise of eternity :
Poetry 2003-11-24 (2385 hits)

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Fever 103
Poetry by Sylvia Plath
Alternative version

Biography Ioana Camelia SÓrbu


Jum„tate animal ļi jum„tate om aļ fi vrut s„ fiu altfel, dar sunt aļa cum sunt, imperfecta corcitur„ real„

Uneori lumea m„ doare pentru c„ animalul se zbate, alteori omul din mine m„ face s„ tr„iesc, de-aceea sunt adaptabil lumii... p‚n„ acum

Am scris din clasa a doua despre toate, Ón clasa a noua ... a doisprezecea, Ón anul 3 de facultate... ļi cred c„ voi mai scrie p‚na c‚nd voi avea ceva de spus

Premii literare

• MenĢiune la Concursul NaĢional de Poezie „Traian Demetrecu” – TRADEM ediĢia a XXV-a, Craiova – 2003.

• MenĢiune I la Concursul NaĢional de poezie ļi pictur„ „Dor de Dor”, Cluj-Napoca – 2006

• Premiul II la secĢiunea pamflet, la Festivalul NaĢional de Literatur„ Umoristic„ „Ion Budai Deleanu”, ediția a V-a, Geoagiu, jud. Hunedoara – 2015

• Premiul II, la secțiunea manuscrise, la Festivalului de poezie religioas„ "Credo" - L„puļna 2016

• Premiul ”Alexandru Sihleanu” Festivalul Internațional ”Titel Constantinescu” Ediția a X-a, R‚mnicu S„rat, 2017


• Volumul propriu de poezii „Ceva-urile mele”, R‚mnicu-V‚lcea, Editura Offsetcolor, 2008

• Publicat„ Ón antologia „Ferestre spre secolul XXI” Craiova, Editura Scrisul Rom‚nesc, 2005

• Publicat„ Ón cadrul antologiei „Fream„t de timp – Fream„t libertin”, Drobeta Turnu-Severin, Editura 3D, 2007

• Publicat„ Ón „Antologie de poezie ļi comentarii” de Valentina Becart, Iaļi, Editura PanEurope, 2008

• Publicat„ Ón antologia de poezie ļi epigram„ „Romeo ļi Julieta la Mizil”, ediĢia a V-a, Ploieļti, Editura LVS Crepuscul, 2012

• Publicat„ Ón antologia „Insomnii m„t„soase”, volumul II, a grupului literar „Insomnii m„t„soase”, Braļov, Editura Pastel, 2012

• Volumul propriu de poezii ”Conjug„rile iubirii”, carte premiat„ Ón cadrul proiectului Festivalul internațional de Creație literar„ ”Titel Constantinescu” , R‚mnicu S„rat, editura Rafet, 2017

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