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Joshua Vasquez Butawan[scythe]

 Second Language Speaks Louder scythe

City of Residence: Manila
Has default language Has default language

Biography Joshua Vasquez Butawan

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Blinded World : Trash can, garbage bucket...
Essay 2005-09-23 (3486 hits)

Ghost in a Shell : Humans' Greatest Achievements.
Essay 2005-05-14 (4345 hits)

Sanity and Stress : Amateur.
Essay 2005-04-26 (3278 hits)

Lost Adventurer : A childish approach.
Essay 2005-04-26 (3500 hits)

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backwardness, as always, never ending! everybody knows

words are never


red thomas maulion 100x

all hail

so oriental


Towards or Within The Time..





Self Reflection to my self

Pain is what it is

Key from my very heart

.Affidavit of you

mutual end this is something

over dozed . . system closed

Local flavor of Subjunctive mood

My friend Dana

eyes on the spherical stone.

Your's and mine

My Sweet Maiden here I am!

Dana is absolutely right

List in my index

sweet death is the most silly thing I've ever heard

spiral ???

ok Thanx, anyway!


Look Into my eyes, that's how I feel for you

memories of life, [Coffee]

great poem as of an excellent expression



is it really a child? Who wrote this thing?

typo correction

Who ever you are Mr. Bourget

i'll put some spices and everything nice!


ion amariutei

Thoughts on the other ways


Welcome Back Raj

Nice one you got here!

Complex is ...

Unconditional love by God

to make my elaboration short

Meditating to surpassed the night

The frigid feeling

Fiction is Fiction and i know it!


I've learned a lesson ( Fair Trade? )

The oblivion from infinity and beyond

Exquisite Connection *Epitome*

Question (???)

when, where and how.

untamed words coming out of ones lips


these are just my opinion, at least!


The picture I've been longing to see is now here!

Scythe in chain of words

What truly makes love?

This one really drags me towards the real world

The next day is the day were I will embrace my destiny.

we are for what we write, as we are for who we are!


We must break through their lines, in order to, or we just have to.

For the sake of the dead, please, for I have lost my hope. I beg you all, bring

OffTOPIC contrary on the other hand

what you see is not what you get

Obvious by dan stancu

perfectly for you!

Gracias Dana


My last comment here also

hey guys!

Pasensya na po..!

sorry for the wrong use of word

Dana and andrada

coldness pressence in cemetery



To Andrada and Dana Muºat

Got it Sis

Even text......Just normal

Answer to Ms. Luminita

The true *Prism in the Middle*


something is missing

My favorite

Well I guess I deserve it!

What have i done?

When things turns out to be images.


sometimes we just have to!


correcting my single typo

It means that we are alive and kicking living in the world of circle

Conceptual images

I really liked it!

hmmm.. what is this thing


Nice to see you again!



Welcome in English site!

Fire, Infernal burn.

Sms.... (Short Messages)

My Own sphere of pretty things

Writing poetry.

Under the Chasm

Don't hide under the cusion


Intense Composition


Continuation of anxiety

Ohh.. c'mon


Simply Amazing..

A Poet



Amazing... The End?



Haiku! (Yawn)

Be careful

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The Lost Dancer
Poetry by Jean Toomer

Georgia Dusk
Poetry by Jean Toomer

Harvest Song
Poetry by Jean Toomer

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Poetry by Jean Toomer

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Poetry by Jean Toomer

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Poetry by Langston Hughes

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Poetry by Langston Hughes

The Weary Blues
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Let America Be America Again
Poetry by Langston Hughes

Night Funeral in Harlem
Poetry by Langston Hughes

Will V-Day Be Me-Day Too?
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The Dream Keeper
Poetry by Langston Hughes

The last Flower
Prose by James Thurber

Biography Joshua Vasquez Butawan

Mi nombre es Joshua Vasquez Butawan...
Yo soy un latino asiatico
a.k.a *scythe*

I was born on July 13, 1988 in the city of Cavite.

I am a graduate of Associate Health and Science Education in [University of Perpetual Help System Dalta] and Hotel and Restaurant Management in [International School of Hotel and Restaurant Management System]

I'm Current working in Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida (Health Insurance Company)

* I simply love music and simply will be dead without it

* I Can't also live without my PSP, basically it's the lifeblood of my

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