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Poezii Românesti - Romanian Poetry



John Willy Kopperud[wipperud]

 Curioser and curioser wipperud

City of Residence: Oslo
Has default language Has default language

Biography John Willy Kopperud

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Once There Was... : ...another Germany
Poetry 2009-04-19 (1625 hits)

Jonathan Richman is right : The History Of Music part XIII
Poetry 2009-03-22 (1521 hits)

Eine Kleine Nachtmusik Text recommended by : History Of Music Part XII
Poetry 2009-03-14 (4240 hits)

God Only Knows : History Of Music Part XI
Poetry 2009-03-08 (3027 hits)

Repetitive Dreams : On Life's Own Couch
Poetry 2009-02-25 (4160 hits)

The Train..... : the end of the train
Poetry 2009-02-15 (1667 hits)

Rebel... : ...Of Course
Poetry 2009-01-26 (1860 hits)

Recognizing... : Possessions
Poetry 2009-01-23 (1556 hits)

New Maneuvers : In Broad Daylight
Poetry 2009-01-17 (2301 hits)

Count to Zero : On New Years Eve
Poetry 2009-01-01 (2981 hits)

Changing Shapes : ...Of Spirit and Matter, Dali
Poetry 2008-12-27 (2867 hits)

History of Music Text recommended by : Parts I - X
Poetry 2008-12-16 (6140 hits)

Question... : ...To The Creationists Among Us
Poetry 2008-12-02 (3766 hits)

Good Golly Miss Molly : History Of Music Part X
Poetry 2008-11-27 (3164 hits)

What a Humid Night : of Poetry Conceals
Poetry 2008-11-22 (2531 hits)

The Fairy-Feller's Master Stroke : A Painting By Richard Dadd
Poetry 2008-11-13 (2960 hits)

Do The Flu : Co-coo-ca-choo
Poetry 2008-11-07 (2480 hits)

Son House Strummin' : History of Music Part IX
Poetry 2008-11-04 (2215 hits)

You Troubadours : Knew How To Escape
Poetry 2008-10-27 (2987 hits)

Iceland : On My Mind
Poetry 2008-10-18 (3707 hits)

Hilarious Stereotypes : Of The Ethnic Kind
Personals 2008-10-12 (4236 hits)

Entering The Bus Heavily Panting : Late Friday Night
Poetry 2008-10-04 (3366 hits)

Under The Bridge : Of Economy...
Poetry 2008-09-27 (2877 hits)

Little Outcast : Haiku
Poetry 2008-09-17 (4350 hits)

Lewis C. Means A Lot To Me : Haiku
Poetry 2008-09-05 (2383 hits)

The Theft : Of A Nation
Poetry 2008-08-31 (3839 hits)

Panic Button : Haiku
Poetry 2008-08-09 (2853 hits)

Radovan Text recommended by : And His Alternative
Poetry 2008-07-23 (6769 hits)

The Royal Albert Memorial : In Kensington Gardens
Poetry 2008-07-17 (2661 hits)

The Art of Reproduction : the pivot point
Poetry 2008-06-22 (3048 hits)

A dreaded consequence : ...of romancing the stone
Poetry 2008-06-08 (2795 hits)

Lightyears of... : Loneliness
Poetry 2008-05-24 (4314 hits)

His acknowledgement of... : ...Pain (Haiku)
Poetry 2008-05-18 (2347 hits)

The Gates of Dawn : Revisited
Poetry 2008-05-11 (2878 hits)

Certainty : ...God and Bible
Poetry 2008-05-07 (3606 hits)

Power : At The Stadium
Poetry 2008-05-02 (2646 hits)

Our images differ : ...once again
Poetry 2008-04-16 (3016 hits)

Lasting Fear : ...of ghosts
Poetry 2008-04-06 (4770 hits)

Everyone's a Freak : With a Squawky Beak(In memory of Jim)
Poetry 2008-03-15 (2909 hits)

On the 17th of December : 1903...
Poetry 2008-03-08 (2993 hits)

Three Dead Friends : One Of Them A Dog...
Poetry 2008-02-23 (3837 hits)

Love, jokes and wine : Oslo evening
Poetry 2008-02-04 (3202 hits)

Heeped : ...At The Hargates of Aynd
Poetry 2008-01-10 (3612 hits)

365 : ...And What Do We Know?
Poetry 2007-12-31 (2866 hits)

Enemies : On The Graveyard
Poetry 2007-12-26 (3690 hits)

The Grimpels of Thyne : Hell in The Bushes
Poetry 2007-12-13 (3336 hits)

Flute Player In A Boat : Relief At The Subway Station
Poetry 2007-12-03 (3245 hits)

Moody Men : Prefer The Past To The Future
Poetry 2007-11-09 (2418 hits)

Gepettos Legion : Waiting For The Truck
Poetry 2007-10-18 (2685 hits)

Zeroes : ...what are they up to?
Poetry 2007-10-16 (4038 hits)

Page: 5 : 4 : 3 : 2 : 1

Page: 13 : 12 : 11 : 10 : 9 : 8 : 7 : 6 : 5 : 4 : 3 : 2 : 1

Here vampirism may be perceived...

Haunting images of captivity...

A good and sensitive depiction...

Much better than the other one that...

As we all are human...

That's action... ()

I wonder...

When you're strange...

Ach, harmony, harmony...

Why don't we all set sail...

The languages seem to mix up...

A splendid...

This is very much to my liking ()

Concise and well-shaped, Chris!

Absolutely a valid solution...

The reason why you should revise this, Ionut...

Also very eloquent in classical style...

You keep delivering good poems, Lee Ann...

Thank you, Ionut... ()

Quite open to various interpretations...

A perfect comparison...

Some exquisite images and rhymes here...

Read this one just now...

Constantin, how nice...

One complaint here

Life and death...

Sounds to me as a blend of...

Coming from that painters own city... ()

You found very good solutions...

A story told...

Lee Ann!

By all means...

Poetry as a tool...

You are obviously...

Congratulations, Bogdan! (of course, sorry!)...

And the question is...

That rite... ()

It would be suitable...

Oops, forgot to put you ...

"My past has never been better/than this....

Some very nice classical images there, Marius...

That day has come, Syd!

One reason...

Nature employed...

My opinion about this poem is just about the same...

Welcome back from your absence, Syd!

I absolutely agree with...

So true...

Romanian essence....

Part time love...

Real nice one, Marius...


Glad you liked it, Vicleanu...

Hardly understandable poem...

All the things we are...

Your poem reflects...

Not badly written this fantasy scenario...


Short and concise...

Well composed...


Verschiedene languages, bueno!

Silly me...

Please explain to me...

Too many errors

The blockheads escape my comment...

I appreciate that, Marius...

Urban filth and ...

In through the open window...

I guess you must be a bit educated...

Hardly about football...

Definition of clair obscure from The Free Dictionary: ()

Thank you, Chris...

More compact...

I sense...

This poem is balanced...

Very visual poetry with a temperament...

This prose piece...

I thank God for the fact that one text may...

Important question, Chris.

Interesting biblical allusions...

It does feel good...

That worldly yellow star...

Compressed existential surrealism...

Let me welcome you to the site, too, and...

Cheers, Marius...

It's a pleasure...

Again; Marius, not really a Haiku...

As far as I know the Haiku set of rules...

To the above I need to add...

And now it seems...

And finally...

Now this really works...


Irene certainly has a point and..

Containing exquisite, concrete images..

This poem has potential...

Lost patterns...

Doing the "Severed Head".... ()

Floyd at the flat...

Written with a sense of humor...

As a glimpse of intense youthful mourning - the absence...

Not bad, Irene, but...

Not bad, Irene, but...

Syd Barret...

Natures beauty and...

Irony in this poem...

Ode to a question...

Yes, Bogdan, ignorance...

Beautiful alliteration... ()

Love is God's intention...

Awaiting the miracle...

Chris, we ride the images...

Thanks a lot, Marius!

It seems clear... ()

Interesting classical allusions...

Peace in the valley.

Ah, those sepia-colored frames depicting faces...

Art, sensitivity...


There's musicality within this poem...

Chris, the responses on this one delights me!

Thanks a lot, Mike. You really hit the spot...

Thanks a lot for your response, Marius!

And.. ()

Marius is right regarding surrealism....


The reason why I put this one on the list is...

Now, here's a bit of drama...

Yes, I know...


Oops, misspelling -

Welcoming the new kids in town.

I lke this, many fine images and good rhytm...

One fine newcomer!

A dreamy sadness...

Luckily the laws have changed in Britain...

Really it's perfection that I fear, because...

Couldn't avoid....

This text is written in better english than the one I wanted revised...


With these additions...

...Sorry, but I don't really see...

...Sorry, but I don't really see...

whispers through our forests dense with fog and deep... ()

I find it hard to disagree...

Very good idea, but then again we have to deal with...

Looking forward...

I appreciate the imperative emotion you put forth here...

Me, I just love Pinocchio...

Lifted up

I like this too...

In addition to the funny point you make...

Political lies lead to war and large accounts...

Some believers, Ion...

Let me add; sophistication=

Fine, concise...

Going for enlightenment, Maspros?

Taking to the air...

Exactly, Marius!

Fine, original idea....

I know, Dan...

I know, Dan...

I guess we won't agree in this case, Marius...

Pig Power! ()

I certainly agree... ()

Beauty and genocide...

Generalizations, Dan...

Interesting elaboration...


As a matter of fact...

Good writing, fine images, but please...

An interesting poetic elaboration...

Is this about an individuals remorse...

And these weapons cost a lot more...

The magic...


Excuse me...

Nice writing with good rhytm and images, just...

Love is all there is...

Amigo, mankind is caught between collectivist states, like China...

I suggest, Daniel...

Venturing into the surreal, Marius...

Silver bullets,,,

Thanks a lot, Sydney!

One way of reading this...

Why, indeed is Sydney Krivenko now without her former...

Why, indeed is Sydney Krivenko now without her former...

Sometimes we really...

A valid musicality in your poem here, Marius...

Opens up for...


A bit confusing...

Hopefully a candle will always remain lit...

Expressive yes...

One cutting example...

Maybe a bit too much...

This does not refer to race...



Ah, that's potential!

That part of spiritual existence... ()

A soft whisper...

Surreal, yet concrete...

Such a refined contribution... ()

Please don't let me be misunderstood!

Thank you for correcting that error and thus making ...

There is certainlys some good content her, but...

Interesting, romantic and metaphysical...

Greetings from (Peace and)Love Street...

What a nice, spantaneous response, Chris!

Thanks a lot, Chris! The great inventions and the myths...

....if dead stars dance ()

....if dead stars dance of life

Precise and lighthearted

Thank you very much for enlightening me concerning...

Indeed; "one waxdripping arm rose", Marius, and...


The mind and the senses...

Interesting content, but in need of some revision

For the larger part, I strongly support Ions wievs above...

Showing originality....

Creationism and 1984

So kind of you, Marius...



Edilberto, how nice...


Marius might be...


Thanks, Christopher!

Thanks, Luminita!

If the city has a river...

A valid expression... ()


Work might be the solution

Ode to illusion ()

No stop signs as to technical solution!

Them bones

Reminds me of... ()

On the very spot, Marius!

When the feeling gets through...

I like the way you,ve pieced this one together, Marius..

As I see it Marius...


Email must be made functional


- the birds are flying through us without the slightest suspicion

Loved that cryptosaurus, Felix

Felix, I read this just now,,,

The secret sacrifice of rubber and flesh

Saxonisms and nonsense

Unslept dreams...

Here you come through to me...

Sorry, Joshua, you'll have to do better...

This contains hope...

Happy New Year, Camelia!

I really did enjoy this, Sydney!



I see it clearly now...

Art at the subway station

Power and Horror

Love and mercy

The veil and the wheel

The veil and the wheel

Suurealism as delivered by Felix

The symmetry of spades



Good and somber

Good and somber

What you offer

This vast universe



Carl Michael Bellman

Underneath the face value

These not so appetizing processes

Thanks for reminding me about El Greco!

Using the Canvas

Identity, concepts of reality, illusion and the self

Just one little...



John B.

It goes with the flow



Striking, Felix!

Precisely so

Christmas 1991

When you start looking


Beautiful simplicity

King James Bible ,Job, Chapter 42, 12-13

The Marketplace


Keep up the good work!

Thanks, Felix and Edilberto !

Thank you for your generous response

Hola, Edilberto!

Well written, learned and highly interesting!

Unsentimental approach


Interesting to an outsider

Somber Skyline

Packed with significance


Walking through fire


That sleepy watch

That sleepy watch

Put your whalesuit on

I thank you, my readers!


Scratch my steel inforcements

Shellborne dreams

The original American spirit

Dysfunctional Harmony


A bout of shamanism


Hola, Edilberto!


From all of me to all of you

...I do sense the necessity of expressing it this way.

Response to Dan, Ion and Sydney


Summer Holiday

Another side of Sydney

Natural things

Two sides of a perfect coin.

More to come


Pain, fire and love

Feed the birds, tuppence a bag.

Starry, starry night

Lunacy or "Lunacy"?

Rare, medium,and...

Tom Waitz...

Enjoy your weekend, Monica!

Felix! I wish you a most pleasant weekend!

Speedy response

Yeah, people, drop out of the rat race!


Thanks, Sydney and Edilberto and my special regards to Dan and Romulus!


on the British box

Keep writing, Dan, I know you're capable.

Her horrible dark nipple

Proud of having you as my translator

The crossing

About the pollution of Narnian soil

Ah, Beautiful Elevator

No shuteye

Going forth...


Very last suggestion


Deviant? From what?

It happens a bit faster than the contributions, doesn't it?


Allow me...

If he cries then let him go

The art of no nonsense

Making sense?

Passenger K.

Is that Mr. Beckett knocking on the door?

Ion and Camelia!

Body and Soul


Water of Gods

And a merry Easter to you, too!

requiem (for horn and lute)

Long Cut

ask the

I Loved You

Aspider in the middle of the night

The ruins that matter


Coming ashore

Waking up

Coming Ashore

Coming Ashore

The Rite of Spring

Waking up

the clerks' ball


Astonished Eye Facing the Mirror







The Meeting

The Meeting

Fat dogs, thin dogs

ivory towers

ivory towers


(Nr.3) Farinelli

no timing

no timing

A white helmet and a child in the rain

Now=Just a Sec

Where are those who are mot Anymore?

To Hang by Reflection

To Hang by Reflection



You knew how to measure

fashion show

fashion show



Doctor meets pelican

humble poem of dizzydents

The joy of noise



The wind and I

Thw wind and I

From beyond

To you

The Invisible Menace

To you

The Candle

The Candle

Tigers on horses

Words wearing boots


The Candle

The Candle

Words wearing boots

summer ball

The wheels of time

In the Belly of The Beast

In the Belly of The Beast

In the Belly of The Beast


At all times unknown

Calm or passionate?

Lunchtime Duck

A dream of kings


Incontinent happening

An emotional poem



Got nothing

Life is...

Got nothing


Come All Ye Space Cadets



white nights in Bucharest



Having your cupcake and eating it too

Nicht hinauslehnen


Nicht hinauslehnen

Secularism and the French revolution

Nicht hiauslehnen

Making love with shadows

Take this apple back

Any Body

this laughing

Houses of the Holy

A short history of vodka

A short history of vodka

In the land of fairies

Kaaba (haiku)

Just Focus


Philippenes, Cuba, Puerto Rico and Panama


To my readers


To my readers

Die Flasche ist leer

The crash factor

The echo of my soul



"The crash factor"

The story of a near-sighted angel

A new order?

Cracked fish eyes


I'm moving fast


The 4 horsemen

Thank you



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The Chimney sweeper
Poetry by William Blake

Fragment 52
Poetry by Sappho

You've got to hide your love away

Poetry by lewis carroll

Berket and the Stars
Poetry by William Carlos Williams

With God on our side
Poetry by Robert Allen Zimmerman

It seems so long ago
Poetry by Leonard Cohen

Poetry by Allen Ginsberg
Alternative version

It's all over now, baby blue
Poetry by Robert Allen Zimmerman

Biography John Willy Kopperud

First years spent in various towns surrounding the Oslo fiord. Grew up in a suburb east of the city, both near to and withdrawn from my numerous peers. Significantly radicalized at the age of fourteen. Grew disappointed with the revolution and signed up for the magical mystery autumn 69. Radicalized once more. Dropped out once more. Fairly well educated during the 80's and 90's.
Poetry? Off and on, I'd say. Besides poems I have weitten both pop lyrics (plus lyrics for contemporary music)and short stories. What moves me? Imagination I guess. Imagination should not contradict everyday life (and the other way around.)
I must hold forth that good old Willie S. has quite a point when he gives fair warning regarding "The man who hath no music in himself."
Music? I have mentioned pop lyrics - to be more precise - most of these are connected to the singer/songwriter tradition. Concrete and melodious music. I have also been active in another musical area,
in the crossroad between music and noise. This is not academic sheet-music, it's rather built on improvisation and momentary exploration. Later on the product has been technically modified. Roar Borge My accomplice in the project "Fisk på Disc" available with the MP3 Album "School of fish'n'chips" through the net-distrubutor, TibProd. He has done the producing in his home studio on his own computer. The album is no. 53 in the companys catalogue and the address is :
Ten tracks on the net for you to download. Be my guests!

My wife, Kristin, is responsible for some very nice poetic lyrics. For some of that material I have written
pop/singer-songwriter music.

Married to my life companion at the age of 33.One child. We live in a suburb some six kilometers from where I grew up.
Career: No big deal. Life: Good. Hardships: Yes
Happiness: Yes.

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