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Gunsel DJEMAL[Djemagu]

 Gunsel Djemal Djemagu

City of Residence: London
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poem : poem
Poetry 2019-08-26 (3056 hits)

falling : personals
Poetry 2017-09-10 (4037 hits)

conversation : personal
Poetry 2015-06-28 (4311 hits)

İ fili mou Apostolina/My friend Apostolina : personal
Poetry 2015-05-22 (5192 hits)

A letter to my childhood : personal
Poetry 2015-03-29 (4333 hits)

Ledra smells a little bit of coffee and cigarette : personal
Poetry 2015-03-16 (5451 hits)

I Cypriot : personals
Poetry 2014-11-24 (3092 hits)

If I had a brother Text recommended by :
Poetry 2014-09-19 (9929 hits)

Letter to a child in Gaza :
Poetry 2014-07-27 (3391 hits)

Night in Istanbul :
Poetry 2014-06-21 (3560 hits)

I cannot open you like a newspaper : poem
Poetry 2014-05-10 (3287 hits)

picture is still wet! : personals
Poetry 2014-02-06 (3508 hits)

morrow : personals
Poetry 2013-12-04 (4118 hits)

the door : persoals
Poetry 2013-11-25 (5461 hits)

I love you : personals
Poetry 2013-10-01 (3652 hits)

the leaves of sake :
Poetry 2013-08-14 (3571 hits)

Everywhere is GEZI PARK Text recommended by :
Poetry 2013-06-22 (8422 hits)

Happy Valentine : aphorism
Poetry 2013-02-14 (4417 hits)

100 Thousand Poets for Change Text recommended by : Public event
Poetry 2011-09-15 (5141 hits)

Pre-post : Translation
Poetry 2011-09-09 (3359 hits)

At Tahir's Pub : Translation
Poetry 2011-07-30 (3111 hits)

This must be it... : poem
Poetry 2011-07-01 (2478 hits)

Poet of the troubles : poem
Poetry 2011-06-05 (3389 hits)

dedication to "Last lines of Bukowski" : poem
Poetry 2011-05-27 (3675 hits)

A vagrant poem : Translation
Poetry 2011-05-05 (3473 hits)

Turkish coffee’ : translation
Poetry 2011-05-04 (5221 hits)

before the exhaustion : Translation
Poetry 2010-12-10 (3840 hits)

Rose's : poem
Poetry 2010-10-24 (3432 hits)

November Days of Roses Text recommended by : Article
Poetry 2010-10-22 (6198 hits)

Dimwitted : Translation
Poetry 2010-08-20 (5497 hits)

Days of Roses: Fuselit 5th Birthday Do : Public Event
Poetry 2010-08-13 (3371 hits)

autobiography of the dead love : translation
Poetry 2010-07-04 (6065 hits)

at night time is three : translation
Poetry 2010-06-20 (5480 hits)

On one side of your face were smiles on the other blues : Translation
Poetry 2009-12-28 (5998 hits)

STAY RED-(Remembering a poet friend who lost his battle on silent Xmas day 2008) : Translation
Poetry 2009-12-26 (3459 hits)

Reunite : Translation
Poetry 2009-12-24 (6820 hits)

In agony : personals
Poetry 2009-08-30 (6080 hits)

Get off my back! : personals
Poetry 2009-08-19 (3393 hits)

Hold your gaze : personals
Poetry 2009-08-15 (5207 hits)

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Page: 2 : 1

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Poetry by Nazim Hikmet
Alternative version

You Don\'t Know What Love Is (an evening with Charles Bukowski) by Raymond Carver
Poetry by Charles Bukowski

Biography Gunsel DJEMAL

She was born in the middle of the Mediterranean, island of Aphrodite.
Married to Attila ELUSTUN

Poetry is her heart beats!

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