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Yohanes Manhitu[ymanhitu]

 Life is a poem ymanhitu

City of Residence: Yogyakarta
Has default language Has default language

Biography Yohanes Manhitu

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Picture in Memory :
Poetry 2017-03-08 (1751 hits)

I am here again :
Poetry 2011-10-29 (2095 hits)

Ocean of Words :
Poetry 2009-05-26 (2294 hits)

The World is Like a Rainbow :
Poetry 2009-05-26 (2092 hits)

A New Day :
Poetry 2007-12-16 (2374 hits)

Here We Play :
Poetry 2007-12-16 (2462 hits)

We Shall Be Happy :
Poetry 2007-12-16 (2429 hits)

In the Rain :
Poetry 2007-12-16 (2396 hits)

Offering you plain words :
Poetry 2007-07-25 (2477 hits)

Just google us, my darling :
Poetry 2007-06-02 (2990 hits)

Born to be Different :
Poetry 2005-10-30 (2434 hits)

Embracing the Wind :
Poetry 2005-10-30 (2495 hits)

True Vagabond :
Poetry 2005-10-30 (2618 hits)

Poet of Wadowice* : In Memory of His Holiness Pope John Paul II.
Poetry 2005-04-08 (3904 hits)

Colours of Taste :
Poetry 2005-03-24 (3053 hits)

Pages of A Story Book :
Poetry 2005-03-19 (3907 hits)

Insomniac Writer :
Poetry 2005-03-16 (2669 hits)

A Walk at Night :
Poetry 2005-03-09 (2919 hits)

Language Represents Country :
Essay 2005-02-14 (5127 hits)

Folk-historian : Translation of " Atekanab" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-02-11 (2655 hits)

Palm Juice Collector : Translation of "Atoni Aheil TuĂą" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-02-11 (2702 hits)

Tsunami : Translated from my French poem under the same title
Poetry 2005-02-03 (2750 hits)

Sandalwood Tree : Translation of "Hau menĂź" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (4767 hits)

Beautiful Girl : Translation of "LĂźfeto Amasat" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (4379 hits)

The Sun Will Shine Again : Translation of "Manas Lof FĂȘ NatbĂłl" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (2638 hits)

Bright Moon : Translation of "Funan Ameûsinet" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (2643 hits)

Adored Lady : Translation of "Feotnai Mapules" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (2776 hits)

Timor Island : Translation of "Pah Timor" by Yohanes Manhitu in Dawanese/Uab Meto
Poetry 2005-01-19 (2680 hits)

A Sailboat in the Gale :
Poetry 2004-10-06 (2560 hits)

Ode to Bikes :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (5642 hits)

Eden and Love :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (2630 hits)

Narrative of Two Souls :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (2666 hits)

Pier :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (2585 hits)

Drowning Tongues :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (2853 hits)

Goddess of the Endless Dream :
Poetry 2004-09-01 (2630 hits)

Two Hearts at Two Piers :
Poetry 2004-08-29 (2563 hits)

Disconnected :
Poetry 2004-08-29 (2662 hits)

Before the Eyes of Nature Text recommended by :
Poetry 2004-08-29 (2867 hits)

Old Latin Book :
Poetry 2004-08-29 (2920 hits)

Midnight Poems :
Poetry 2004-08-29 (2653 hits)

Cloudy Time Walls :
Poetry 2004-08-27 (2683 hits)

New Morning :
Poetry 2004-08-19 (2708 hits)

Life: A Choice :
Poetry 2004-08-19 (2405 hits)

Morning Prayer :
Poetry 2004-08-19 (2635 hits)

Eden Jasmine :
Poetry 2004-08-19 (4073 hits)

Welcome to My Soul :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (4083 hits)

Castle of a Dreamer :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (2658 hits)

Cyberfashion :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (2532 hits)

Midnight Rain :
Poetry 2004-08-16 (2741 hits)

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Page: 1

Sometimes silence is worthwhile keeping

Tell me more about her

Thanks a lot, Dear Monica

Thank you, my brother Asian!

Thank you, my brother Asia!

Thanks a lot for these words!

Regarding poetry translation

Mult'umesc, Monica!

"Tell me, Johnny, who I am!" in Uab Meto/Dawanese

Indonesian Translation of your "Moonset"

Quo vadis Pax?

Thanks a lot, Monica!

A good poetic definition

I survive but I break

No, I would not like

I like your jasmine flowers

Thanks a lot, Dear Ioana

honesty and hope

Page: 1

Biography Yohanes Manhitu

Je m’appelle Yohanes Manhitu. Je suis originaire de Timor Occidental, IndonĂ©sie, et nĂ© le 24 mai 1976. Maintenant, j’habite Ă  Yogyakarta, IndonĂ©sie, et travaille comme professeur d’espagnol, traducteur et lexicographe. Je parle indonĂ©sien, tetun (langue national de Timor Oriental), dawanais (langue indigĂšne de Timor Occidental), anglais, français, espagnol, un peu de portugais et javanais (pas trĂšs bien). J’ai dĂ©jĂ  gagnĂ© deux fois le concours d’Ă©criture des poĂšmes français. C’Ă©tait dans le cadre du «Printemps des poĂštes français». Merci beaucoup!

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